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Sterling Silver Nose Rings and Studs

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Silver Piercing Studs


Frequently Asked Questions About

Silver Nose Rings and Studs

Where to buy nose rings online?

Premium wholesale nose rings can be bought from Whole Sale Body Jewellery and Achadirect at reasonable prices with quick delivery. All items will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days.

How to buy jewellery wholesale?

A wide range of high-grade body jewellery is sold through the online catalogue at Whole Sale Body Jewellery and Achadirect. Multiple items can be placed in the shopping cart after which the shipping and billing details are requested. Within 24 hours after completing the order, the body jewellery and piercing supplies are dispatched. The items will be received within 3 to 5 business days and the sales team is available to assist with all steps in the process.

Where to buy wholesale jewellery?

Whole Sale Body Jewellery and Achadirect supply an extensive range of quality wholesale body jewellery through an easy online shop.

Where to buy sterling silver nose rings?

With more than 10,000 body jewellery items in stock, Whole Sale Body Jewellery and Achadirect are preferred wholesalers of sterling silver nose rings.

Where to buy sterling silver jewelry wholesale?

Whole Sale Body Jewellery and Achadirect sell a full range of sterling silver jewelry for attractive wholesale prices. All items will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days.

Where can I buy in bulk 1mm sterling silver nose studs?

Tiny 1mm sterling silver nose studs and all other premium wholesale nose jewellery is supplied by Achadirect.

Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Nose Rings and Studs

sterling silver nose rings on displays
sterling silver nose jewellery on displays

How to Know if Jewellery is Real 925 Sterling Silver?

silver stamps for jewellery

.925, 925, or 92.5 Stamps

There are many ways to determine the quality of silver. First of all, the stamp can be checked. Universally, sterling silver is stamped with .925, 925, or 92.5 or the words “ster” or Sterling Silver.

Acid test for real silver

Acid Test

A professional method to conduct the purity of sterling silver is an acid test. A small shaving taken from the silver jewellery is tested with nitric acid to observe any colour changes. The area turns to a creamy white the authenticity of 925 silver is confirmed.

silver cleaning residue

Black Residue After Cleaning

Sterling silver is chemically non-reactive at ordinary temperatures and reacts with oxygen or water very slowly. With time, tarnishing slowly happens on the jewellery as a result of the air-bound compounds of sulphur and oxygen. To determine whether silver is 925 silver check how much black residue there is when rubbing the silver with a white cloth. The purer the silver the quicker the tarnishing process happens and the more black residue there is. This simple purity self-test helps determine if the silver is 925 silver. Please note that this test is not a full proof test as silver plated jewellery will also leave the black tarnish.

Silver smell

The Smell of the Material

No odours are emitted from sterling silver and if there is a smell, it means that there is more copper present in the silver than usual.

Silver isn't magnetic

Magnetic Effects

Pure silver and the alloys copper and zinc are not magnetic. The alloy nickel has magnetic properties but the effects are negligible. A simple magnet test can be done to determine the purity of the silver.

Although gold is deemed one of the most precious metals in jewellery, silver is a more affordable and popular choice, especially for bulk body jewellery. Silver’s shiny lustre and reflective effect has always been a preferred wholesale nose rings and jewellery material. It is a malleable material, making it easy to manufacture a vast choice of different designs. Silver is also considered a healing material due to its antimicrobial properties. However, there are many kinds of silver, and not all of them are suitable for body jewellery. Silver in its purest form is very soft. Thus, silver used for jewellery crafting purposes is alloyed with other metals such as copper to strengthen it producing different finesses such as 958/1000, 925/1000, 835/1000, and 800/1000 and much more. Some silver types are prone to tarnishing. The wholesale nose rings and studs collections are manufactured with crystals, Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones, genuine diamond, and semi-precious stones. The nose pins start from £0.19 per piece.

What Are the Different Types of Silver?

To the naked eye, silver is a shiny valuable metal but each type of silver is unique in content and has different characteristics and uses. Looking for the quality stamp on the item is one of the easiest ways to verify the authenticity as well as knowing the type of silver.

Pure silver used in body jewellery

Pure Silver

Pure silver, also known as fine .999 silver, is very soft and is rarely used, however, it is 0.1% alloyed with other metals to get to the purest form of silver. It is not recommended for body jewellery as it is too soft and prone to dents and scratches. This fine 99.9% silver has a stamp of .999 and is usually used for bullion bars.

Sterling silver piercing stamp

925 Sterling Silver

925 sterling silver is the most commonly used type of silver for nose jewellery like nose rings in bulk, where 7.5% is alloyed with copper to improve its strength. Sterling silver wholesale nose rings and studs with .925 stamps are less susceptible to damage, bending, scratches, and dents. Furthermore, sterling silver wholesale nose rings and studs are hypoallergenic and have antimicrobial properties. Therefore 925 sterling silver is far more suitable for sensitive skins compared to other kinds of silver. This makes this kind of silver an ideal material for body jewellery.

Silver Coin

.900 Coin Silver

.900 stamped silver is another version of the metal and is also called ‘’coin silver’’. It is made up of 90% silver and 10% copper and used for coins in many countries. There is jewellery that is processed from coin scraps.

Junk silver jewellery

‘’Junk Silver’’

This is an informal term used in the western world for any silver which is in fair condition. It has no value above the bullion value of the silver it contains. The word ‘’junk’’ refers only to the value of the items and not to the actual condition of the coins.

gold plated sterling silver nose rings

Silver Plating

Silver-plated body jewellery has thin silver coatings on the base metal. The value of silver-plated items is lower than full silver items. The plated silver layer cannot easily be recovered, so these items cannot be used as an investment. Sometimes they have EPNS stamps that mean electroplated nickel-silver. Silver plating is generally used for costume jewellery and has a short life as the plating can tarnish and eventually wear off.

sterling silver nose rings with gold plating

Wholesale Silver Nose Hoops with 18KT Gold Plating

Ideal for both nostril and septum nose piercings, silver nose hoops plated with 18 Karat gold are easy to insert. There are many designs of wholesale sterling silver nose rings with gold plating to choose from; simple hoops with a ball, and hoops with wire designs. There are sterilised nose rings sold in other materials.


18 Karat gold plated 925 sterling silver

Sterling Silver Spiral for the Nose

Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Spiral Nose Rings

Spiral nose piercing rings are easy to insert and give the impression of a double nostril piercing with only one pierced hole. These made of sterling silver have two coils and sit securely in the nostril. Find out more by browsing our nose rings UK catalogue.


925 sterling silver, gold and rose gold plated silver

925 silver nose pins

Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Nose Pins

These stunning cheap nose pins are supplied either already pre-bent for secureness in the nostril piercing or Bend-It-Yourself versions. These nose pins sold wholesale in the UK have prong-set crystals.


925 sterling silver

Sterling Silver Fake Nose Piercing

Non-Piercing Nose Clips

For customers who prefer not to get pierced but still want the appearance of having a piercing, there is non-piercing body jewellery, including fake nose clips, fake nose studs, and clip-on nose rings. Faux nose jewellery is sold per piece and in bulk and is kept in place easily. There are options with magnets and others that have an opening which can be pressed shut to give the appearance of a pierced nostril with a nose ring. These wholesale nose rings are sold as plain versions or with a ball on the ring in solid sterling silver and black plated sterling silver.

Besides non-piercing nose clips, there is a vast collection of nose piercing kits sold for the UK and body piercing jewellery for the nostril and septum. These body jewellery items are manufactured in different sizes and also come in other materials.

What Is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 sterling silver or standard silver is also referred to as “the metal of the moon” because it has a milky white and greyish colour. This form of silver is made up of a mixture of 92.5% pure silver by weight and 7.5% of other metals such as copper. It must be noted that the terms ‘’silver’’ and ‘’sterling silver’’ are commonly interchangeably used but do not mean the exact same thing. Silver refers to the pure metal form and sterling silver is the 92.5% pure silver alloyed version. Pure silver is too soft for general use so the addition of copper strengthens the silver and makes it more durable. The additional metal alloys used to create sterling silver make the material more likely to tarnish. Tarnishing happens when the copper or other trace alloys in the sterling silver react to moisture and sulphur in the air. To prevent tarnishing from happening, sterling silver can be plated with pure silver. Body jewellery made with sterling silver like wholesale nose rings is often plated with rhodium to give it a bright white finish that is more resistant to tarnishing.

The terms ‘’silver’’ and ‘’sterling silver’’ are commonly interchangeably used but do not mean the exact same thing.

925 Sterling Silver Wholesale Body Jewellery

There are many advantages of buying sterling silver wholesale nose rings and studs. 925 sterling silver is a high-quality metal that is cheaper than gold and platinum and has a long shelf life, making it suitable to stock up. The value of silver usually increases with time. Although silver is a precious metal, it is affordable and constantly sells well. Sterling silver wholesale nose rings and studs are a popular choice for customers who want to change their jewellery after the initial piercing. It should be noted that sterling silver is alloyed to strengthen it and therefore, it is recommended for use after the piercing fistula has healed. Although sterling silver does tarnish a little over time, a gentle occasional wipe with a soft cloth will restore its shine. Sterling silver nose rings and studs are easy to maintain as they do not require extra care or special treatments. If using cleaning agents, only bleach-free or ammonia-free labelled silver polishes are recommended. Bleach, ammonia, and chlorine react adversely to sterling silver. Therefore, removing any sterling silver body jewellery when handling these chemicals, or swimming in a chlorinated pool is recommended. Perfumes, hair spray and profuse sweating also causes the silver to tarnish quicker. The best way to prevent tarnish is to use silver jewellery often rather than storing it away sitting unworn for long periods.

18KT Gold Plated Silver Jewellery

Gold plated sterling silver nose rings and jewellery

925 sterling silver can be plated to produce a more colourful variety apart from its usual shiny bright lustre. A popular choice for the plating of wholesale piercing jewellery is 18 Karat gold or rose gold. It creates the look of solid gold for nose jewellery like our wholesale gold nose studs without paying the price.

Bulk Silver Nose Rings

wholesale sterling silver nose rings and studs

As a supplier of premium wholesale nose jewellery in 925 sterling silver, we offer a wide variety of high-quality items. Our wide collection of wholesale sterling silver nose rings include 925 sterling silver seamless and segment rings, nose pins, L-shaped nose pins, and Bend-It-Yourself nose pins. Many of our wholesale nose jewellery designs include genuine precious stones as well as semi-precious gemstones. We also supply non piercing body jewellery in 925 sterling silver in many unique designs, which are an interesting addition for professional piercing studios.

All sterilised piercing jewellery items are checked carefully to ensure that they do not contain defects. Wholesale nose rings and studs can be ordered per piece, in bulk as well as on displays. Buying body jewellery like sterling silver nose rings in bulk from a large international supplier is cost-effective as the price per product is lower and there are special deals such as free shipping for large orders. Also, the assortment of wholesale sterling silver nose rings is diverse. Our multilingual sales team is on hand to provide more information about buying nose piercing studs and nose rings in bulk within the UK as well as other topics such as payment and shipping. The sales team is well versed in what the best-sellers are in the UK. Shipment of all wholesale nose rings and studs are sent out within 24 hours so orders will arrive within 3 to 5 working days.

18Kt plated studs
18KT Plated Bend-It-Yourself Studs Box
L-Shaped studs 18KT
18KT Plated L-Shaped Studs
Pins With prong-set Crystals
Bend-It-Yourself Pins With Prong-Set Crystals
Studs with Tiny cubic Zirconia
L-Shaped Studs With Tiny Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Stones
Hoop with prong set
Hoop With Prong-Set Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Stones
Double Spiral Rings Box
Double Spiral Rings Box
Rins with ball closure
Ball Closure Rings Display
Studs with Tiny cubic Zirconia
Rose Gold Seamless Hoops Box