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EO Gas Sterilised Piercing

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wholesale piercing jewellery by Acha

Sterilised at a Medical Facility


Frequently Asked Questions About

EO GAs Sterilised Piercings

What is sterile piercing jewellery?

Sterilisation is the process used to not only clean items but to remove all microorganisms. This is important not only important in the medical field but also in the world of body piercing because it prevents complications in healing and reduces the chances for infections. Sterilised body jewellery means that the item has been subject to one of the sterilisation methods to ensure that they are free from anything that can hamper healing.

How to sterilise piercing jewellery?

There are different ways to sterilise body jewellery but the preferred methods are EO gas sterilisation and autoclaving. When using an autoclave machine, the body jewellery is placed in special packs in the machine and the steps on the manual are followed as each machine has specific instructions. EO gas sterilization is more complicated and carried out in a medical facility where machines and aeration devices are used. The EO gas penetrates the body jewellery packs at low temperatures.

How to sterilise piercing tools?

Piercing tools such as needles, kits and clamps are placed in sterilisation packs and placed in an autoclave machine, following the steps outlined in the manual. These machines are readily available and professional piercers can carry out the process themselves. EO gas sterilization however is more complicated, using larger machines from medical facilities. The vacuum sealed packs are exposed to EO gas, which removes all microorganisms.

How long does it take to sterilise jewellery?

The EO gas sterilisation process is a lengthy process. This low-temperature process can vary in time from cycles of between 36 and 48 hours. The full cycle consists of five stages which take about 2.5 hours excluding post-sterilisation aeration time. Aeration takes from 8 to 12 hours and ambient room aeration requires 7 days.

What steps are involved when sterilising jewellery?

The five stages of EO gas sterilisation are preconditioning and humidification, gas introduction, exposure, evacuation, and air washes. Because the gas itself is harmful, these processes and aeration are carried out under supervision in a medical facility.

The Advantages of EO Gas Sterilised Piercing Jewellery

Purchasing Sterile Piercing Jewellery for the UK in Bulk

For all initial piercings, basic pre-sterilised body jewellery is recommended. This type of sterile piercing jewellery is easy to keep clean and will stay steadily in place, which is beneficial for a trouble-free healing process. When piercings are fully healed, customers can change their initial body jewellery for any other type of body jewellery. Below are some of the best-selling sterilised piercing jewellery types that are ready for import.

sterile piercing jewellery - belly bars

Bulk Sterilised Jewellery

These wholesale belly bars or navel rings are sterilised with Ethylene Oxide Gas. They are supplied in individual packs. The attachments contain bezel-set crystals in colours such as clear, AB, rose, light sapphire, and aquamarine.


316L surgical steel

sterile piercing jewellery - barbells

Versatile Straight Bars with Balls

Sterilised barbells for nipple, tragus, helix, septum, and genital piercings are available per piece and in bulk and are supplied in individual packages that stay maintain sterile for a long period of time.


ASTM F-136 Titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI)

sterile piercing jewellery - labrets

High Quality Labrets with Spikes

These wholesale labrets are used for lip ear and nose piercings. They are available in pre-sterilised packs.


316L surgical steel and titanium G23

The importance of Sterile Body Jewellery

Materials of body jewellery should be biocompatible. Sterilised piercing jewellery is essential to ensure that the healing is not hampered by complications such as infection. There are many ways in which sterile piercing jewellery can be achieved, both industrially and individually. The easiest way is to buy pre-sterilised body jewellery, such as sterilised ear piercing studs. The common industrial methods of getting sterile body jewellery are sterilisation by Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas and with the use of an autoclave machine. The most effective industrial method to get sterile body jewellery is EO gas sterilisation. EO gas is the most universal sterilant and is the preferred method of getting sterilised ear piercing studs and other jewellery. This method is used for almost all medical devices and sterile piercing jewellery made of materials like titanium, plastics, and heat sensitive materials. This commercial sterilisation process for creating sterile body jewellery in the UK is the longest lasting form of hygienic sterilisation of jewellery and supplies, and it can save a considerable amount of time and money.

What is Ethylene Oxide?

This common colourless gas is used for effective sterilisation to get pre-sterilised body jewellery in the UK. It is not only used for medical supplies but also for sterilising piercing jewellery and other piercing supplies. The most common version of EO gas used in sterilisation processes are EO-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) mixtures and EO-hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC). The 100% EO gas version is now universally recommended for pre-sterilised body jewellery in the UK and the main advantage is that it does not need large industrial tanks and can be used in unit-dose drop cartridges.

How Does EO Gas Sterilisation Work to Get the Best Pre-Sterilised Body Piercing Jewellery in the UK?

Cientific sterilising body jewellery

The microbicidal properties of EO gas are considered to be the result of alkylation of protein, DNA, and RNA. The alkylation, which is the replacement of a hydrogen atom with an alkyl group within micro-organism’s cells, prevents normal cellular metabolism and replication or reproduction. EO gas inactivates all microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, archaea, protozoa, algae, and fungi. Because highly professional healthcare facilities prefer the EO gas sterilisation method, we have chosen this method.

Exposure to ethylene oxide gas causes alkylation to microorganisms at a nuclear level. The disinfectant effect of EO gas is similar to that of sterilisation by heat, but because of limited penetration, it affects only the surface. The lengthy sterilisation process to get sterilised titanium body jewellery and other jewellery is because of its strong but slow action upon microorganisms and aeration time. EO gas sterilisation can only be done under strict conditions due to the sterilisation process risks and usually occurs in a well-equipped medical facility using special machinery. The process of creating sterilised piercing jewellery involves placing the jewellery and supplies in sterilisation bags and following the process above before vacuum sealing the product to ensure long-term sterilisation.

EO gas sterilisation for sterile piercing jewellery in the UK is a lengthy and expensive procedure that does not come without risks. The main advantage of this method is that it works for body jewellery items such as sterilised titanium body jewellery without any characteristic effects on the material. This method to get sterile body jewellery is a low-temperature process with temperatures typically between 37°C and 63°C. The total length of the process to get sterile body jewellery can vary depending on the jewellery that is being achieved, but is usually a cycle of between 36 and 48 hours.

The full EO sterilisation cycle consists of five basic stages, which are preconditioning and humidification, gas introduction, exposure, evacuation, and air washes and takes approximately 2.5 hours excluding the time for post sterilisation aeration time. Furthermore, the increase in gas concentration and temperature may shorten the time necessary for achieving sterilised body piercing jewellery. Aeration by machine takes from 8 to 12 hours at 50 to 60°C to allow desorption of the toxic EO residual gas contained in exposed absorbent materials. This is an important step as the gas itself can be harmful to the human body. Most modern machines combine sterilisation and aeration in the same chamber as a continuous process. These machines minimise potential EO gas exposure during door opening and transfer it to the aerator. Ambient room aeration of sterilised piercing jewellery is also carried out to achieve desorption of the toxic EO gas and requires 7 days at 20°C.

Types Of Piercing Supplies

sterilised piercing needles

Piercing Needles

Any piercer will know that to perform a satisfactory piercing, the most essential tool is the needle. Needles are unique and are different from regular needles. Larger gauge piercing needles are hollow or hypodermic and are laser cut to have a tri-bevelled tip to ensure sharpness. These needles are designed to be hand held and the hollow within the larger gauge needles displaces a small piece of tissue when pierced. This adds to the accuracy of the piercing and also the quickness. Each type of piercing requires a different gauge needle. The gauge of the jewellery dictates the gauge of the needle used as it is common practice to pierce the area with the same gauge needle as the sterilised body jewellery that is going to be inserted.

Individually Packaged Single Gauge Needles

Individually packed single use surgical steel piercing needles come in a variety of gauges. This allows piercers to stock up on the most frequently used needle gauge whilst still ensuring that each needle is of the highest hygiene standards.

The Benefits of Buying Body Jewellery Needles in Bulk

We provide wholesale boxes of 100 pieces of individually packed, single-use surgical steel needles in varying gauges. There are also wholesale boxes of 50 pieces of these needles available in 10g (2.4mm) and 8g (3mm). The needles can be bought in conjunction with the appropriate individually packed piercing jewellery mentioned above.

Piercing Kits with Body Jewellery and Needles

If you are looking for the convenience in ordering individually packed needles with the matching sterilised piercing jewellery, you will find a selection of kits in our catalogue. This gives the convenience of getting both necessities in one go. These 100-piece kits contain individually packaged needles made of 316L surgical steel and an assortment of different basic piercing jewellery such as nipple barbells, belly or eyebrow bananas, labrets, circular barbells in a variety of lengths and gauges. Stocking up on kits of needles and sterilised body jewellery will give piercers all the things they need to run successful piercing studios.

sterilised clamps and forceps for body piercings

Clamps and Forceps

The small difference between clamps and forceps is that forceps are used to hold skin tissue in place and clamps are used to hold both the skin tissue and the materials in place. Pennington clamps offer a secure grip to ensure that the needle can be pushed through smoothly and evenly. Three kinds of pennington clamps are available: universal, closed and slotted, which are all disposable.

Two varieties of disposable single-use forceps are available in boxes of 10 or 50 pieces; rounded top and rounded slotted top. Rounded forceps are used for all parts of the body while rounded slotted top forceps are used to keep the skin in place while the needle is being pierced. Forceps can also be used to help manipulate sterile piercing jewellery in cases of placements of surface anchor or single point piercings. Here, forceps are used to attach and screw in the dermal tops.

If you are a piercer in the UK and are looking for jewellery that is ready for use, you have come to the right place. The best place to buy sterilised piercing jewellery in the UK is at our online jewellery store which is easy to browse through. We include a variety of different high quality sterile piercing jewellery in the UK materials such as surgical steel, silver, gold, silicone, acrylic, PTFE, BioFlex, and. For new piercings, sterilised titanium body jewellery and surgical steel body jewellery is highly recommended. We have all of these types of jewellery in various sizes and gauges in stock for the long term as well as many different colours.

What Materials Are Suitable for This Method?

sterilised surgical steel for piercings

The two most common materials used for pre-sterilised piercing jewellery are 316L surgical steel and ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI). 316L surgical steel is a type of body implant-grade stainless steel which has been treated in such a way that the small amount of allergy-causing nickel is enclosed within it by a layer of bio-safe chromium. It has a shiny lustre and is very durable, as well as being corrosion resistant. Implant-grade G23 titanium is another biocompatible material which is slightly more expensive than surgical steel but is a metal that does not react with flesh or bodily fluids. Pre-sterilised piercing jewellery made of surgical steel and ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) is the ideal choice to aid a safe and trouble-free healing.

For all new piercings, pre-sterilised piercing jewellery made of surgical steel and titanium is the ideal choice to aid a safe trouble-free healing.

Saving Time and Money

As a professional piercer, it is imperative to include a selection of pre-sterilised piercing jewellery available in the UK to guarantee a hygienic sterile piercing jewellery experience. This is particularly important since health and safety issues are a top priority these days. Having a selection of pre-sterilised body jewellery as well as piercing tools will save you a considerable amount of time and money in comparison to carrying out your own sterilising process. Each item is carried out in a certified hospital facility to guarantee the highest quality in hygienic standards. Our online jewellery store is a perfect place for you to stock up on wholesale pre-sterilised body jewellery as well as pre-sterilised needles, piercing tools such as forceps and clamps, as well as kits containing individual pre-sterilised body piercing jewellery and the appropriate pre-sterilised needle of the same gauge size. There is no other place you need to go to as all your needs can be supplied for in our online store.

Belly Bar piece
Single Piece Packed Belly Bar
Labret Piece
Sterilised Body Jewellery Labret
Piece Circular Barble
Bulk Sterilised Piercing Jewellery
Piece Barbell
Sterilised Titanium Body Jewellery Barbell