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Body Jewellery Displays

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Beautiful Body Jewellery Displays

Preloaded Displays With an Assortment of Body Jewellery. Ready to Display


Frequently Asked Questions About

Body Jewellery Displays

How to display body jewelry?

Display boards, trays, and boxes with clear tops are essential for professional piercer and keep body jewellery organized and easy to showcase to potential customers. These types of displays can be bought empty or pre-loaded with assorted body jewellery. They are made of strong acrylic and are suitable to be placed on counter tops.

Where to buy body jewellery displays?

Whole Sale Body Jewellery supplies more than 1600 premium body jewellery displays. The different types of displays sold are display boards, display trays, and display boxes. There are also custom-made displays available.

Body Jewellery Displays for Professional Piercers

Black body jewellery displays for sgement rings

925 Sterling Silver Seamless and Segment Ring Displays

These rings either have a small gap for insertion by twisting or have a section that clicks in the opening of a wider gap ring. Body jewellery stands with seamless and segment rings, which have the appearance of a continuous ring, can be used for a variety of other piercings. These items are also available in a body piercing display case.


925 sterling silver

Transparent body jewellery displays for Flesh Tunnels

High Polished Flesh Tunnel Displays

Flesh tunnels, used for stretched ear piercings, come in different variations, such as double flared, single flared with an O-ring, cylindrical or non-flared with two O-rings as well as screw-fit versions. These flesh tunnels are supplied in hard materials as well as in more flexible silicone piercing tunnels. Flesh tunnels are available on display stands but also in a body piercing display cases.


316L surgical steel

Gold nose screws in Display Box

Premium Gold Nose Screws in Display Boxes

Nose screws in 9 Karat gold, 10 Karat gold, 14 Karat gold and 18 Karat gold are supplied in clear-top display boxes that contain 12 pieces. This type of nose jewellery comes in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold versions. The various top attachments are solid shapes, prong-set genuine diamonds, and Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones. These prong-set CZ stones are supplied in round, star, triangle, or heart shapes.


9K gold, 10K gold, 14K gold, 14K white gold, 14K rose gold, 18K gold

white Display for eyebrow bananas piercings

Eyebrow Bars Displays

The eyebrow bars on displays have a slightly curved post to sit well against the curvature of the eyebrow. These curved barbells do not pull on the eyebrow surface piercing thus reducing the risk of issues during healing. They can also be used for tragus, nipple, and genital piercings and have two internally threaded piercing ball attachments.


316L surgical steel, 316L surgical steel with acrylic attachments, anodised 316L surgical steel

Black body jewellery displays for Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells on Piercing Displays

Used for cartilage, tragus, rook, daith, septum, eyebrow, earlobe, lip, conch, nipple, scrotum, and Prince Albert piercings, body jewellery stands with circular barbells have two internally threaded ball or cone end attachments to keep them in place.


316L surgical steel

Transparent display box for nose hoop rings

Ball Closure Rings Displays

These boxes showcase ball closure rings that have an indented ball to keep the ring held firmly in place and can be used for various piercings, including cartilage, rook, nostril, eyebrow, daith, tragus and septum piercings.


316L surgical steel and anodised steel

Body jewellery displays are an effective way to display items to further enhance your piercing studio’s image. Piercing displays are created in order to display various body jewellery items in an organized way. These displays are eye-catching and can easily attract the attention of customers in professional piercing studios. They add value to the piercing studio and spark interest by captivating customers. Having qualitative and attractive body jewellery displays and good quality piercing tools can give piercing shops additional sales. You can either display your body jewellery per material, style or mix and match it. Body jewellery displays are presented either by being held up on strong acrylic piercing displays or contained in clear top piercing display boxes. Buying wholesale products on a body jewellery display has several advantages for the professional piercer.

Having qualitative and attractive body jewellery displays can give piercing shops additional sales.

The Main Advantages of Showcasing Body Jewellery on Displays

Body Jewellery displays

One of the best ways to entice in-store customers is to showcase the variety of different jewellery on offer. These displays are designed wholly with that in mind. They also offer ease in buying bulk body jewellery as piercing displays can carry an assortment of sizes, gauges, and colours. Acrylic displays usually feature a standard slanted L-shaped piercing display, but also come in other designs such as curved piercing displays and even in figures such as Christmas trees or heart-shaped piercing displays. These are available in black, white, and clear acrylic. Piercing displays can be placed on countertops as well as hung on walls. Alternatively, body jewellery can be bought in acrylic cases with clear tops.

Buying wholesale displays or wholesale body jewellery display cases does not substantially increase the price per piece of each product. For new professional piercers, buying wholesale body jewellery displays is highly recommended as they are strong and durable and will last for years. Body jewellery displays are a convenient way to add stock of additional items without having to invest much time in presenting a selection of new body jewellery stock. Also, having these boards guarantees that items are well organised, preventing clutter. Body jewellery display stands are very useful to display piercing products in booths or kiosks at conventions and fairs. Our online shop carries a variety of empty body piercing jewellery display stands that can be filled with already purchased products.

Types of Body Jewellery Displays

We supply a vast array of body jewellery displays with lip, eyebrow, ear, nipple, genital and nose jewellery like gold nose studs. All the items available are made of the highest grade materials such as surgical steel, titanium G23, gold, silver, acrylic, BioFlex and silicone. The attachments of the body jewellery come in the shapes of balls, cones, dice, stars, hearts, and many other designs. They also include genuine stones or crystals in prong-set, bezel-set, or Ferido-glued. Our crystals are available in 18 different colours. Below are best-selling body jewellery displays available in our online store. In this web shop all professional piercer’s needs are met. Our body piercing jewellery display stands carry a varying number of items in different sizes, styles, and materials.

barbell display of crystal steel
16 Steel Barbells With Crystals
Jewell B all Labret Display
316L Surgical Steel Labrets
Steel Eyebrow Banana Display
Steel Eyebrow Bars
Multi Crystals Belly Banana
Multi Crystal Belly Bars
Tragus ball closure ring
30 Ball Closure Rings (BCR)
316l Steel Industrial Twister Barbells Display Board
316L Steel Industrial Barbells
Rose Gold Sterling Silver
Rose Gold Sterling Silver Seamless Rings
Black board displays
Black Board With Circular Barbells
Titanium Bezel Dermal Anchors Display
Titanium Dermal Anchors Board
Prong Set Nose Screw
Nose Screw Box
Snake sking spiral tappers display
Snake Skin Acrylic Spiral Taper Expanders
Empty Display Case for Body Jewellery
Empty Case for Body Jewellery