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Wholesale Body Jewellery’s Piercing Trends

Continuous research and input from customers around the globe ensure WholesaleBodyJewellery and Acha are always up to date with the latest wholesale body jewellery trends and industry changes. Keep your piercing shop up to date and explore the trends of this period below.

Piercing Trend 1 – Constellation Piercings

piercing trends

Showcasing uniqueness and individuality through piercings is rising in popularity in the UK. Instead of the traditional rows of lobe or helix piercings, creative clusters or constellations are in demand. Constellation ear piercings contain several piercings that are placed across the ear and often vary in shape, colour, size, or even material. Often purchased as wholesale body jewellery for this trend are ear studs and huggies, industrial bars, circular barbells, captive bead rings, labrets as well as seamless and segment rings.

18Kt plated studs
Premium Surgical Steel Industrial Bars
L-Shaped studs 18KT
Titanium Circular Barbells
Pins With prong-set Crystals
Surgical Steel Captive Bead Rings
Studs with Tiny cubic Zirconia
Mirror-Smooth Surgical Steel Seamless Rings

Piercing Trend 2 – Double Nostril Piercings

wholesale piercing trends

This piercing is a variation of the standard nostril piercing with two holes placed on the top crease of the nostril, making a bolder statement. Wholesale nose bones, nostril screws, L-shaped nose pins, nose hoops, and captive bead rings can all be used. Being cautious and strategic when piercing this area is highly important as the two piercings are near each other and should be on the same line.

18Kt plated studs
Surgical Steel Nose Bones With Crystals
L-Shaped studs 18KT
Premium Anodized Steel Nose Pins
Pins With prong-set Crystals
Best-Selling Silver Nose Rings
Studs with Tiny cubic Zirconia
High-Quality Gold Nose Studs