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Sterling Silver Nose Studs and Jewellery

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Silver nose jewellery


Frequently Asked Questions About

Wholesale Piercing Supplies

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a precious alloyed version of silver that includes 92.5% content of pure silver and 7.5% copper. It is hallmarked stamped as 925 silver.

Does sterling silver tarnish?

The copper that sterling silver contains can react to the oxygen and hydrogen sulfide in the air, which can cause mild tarnishing. Fragrances, cosmetics, and sweat can expedite tarnish.

Does sterling silver rust?

No, only materials containing iron will rust. Rust is the formation of iron oxide, a reddish-brown layer on the metal. The copper in sterling silver does not rust but will react with air to produce a black residue that can be easily wiped off.

How to clean sterling silver earrings?

Tarnish on silver body jewellery can be easily removed by using a cleaning cloth and a silver polish. A soft brush is also suitable.

What is 925 sterling silver and how to know if it's fake

Hallmark stamps on jewellery, such as S925, .925, and 925, assure the authenticity of sterling silver. If the jewellery has no visible stamp, an acid test can be done where nitric acid is applied to a small part of the material. If the colour changes to red, it is real sterling silver.

How do you test for silver quality?

An easy way to check if the material is real silver, a magnet test can be done. If the material is attracted by a magnet, it is unlikely to be sterling silver. The material can also be checked with a white cloth. If some black markings occur on the cloth, it is likely to be genuine sterling silver.

925 Sterling Silver Nose Piercings: Starting From 1.2mm Tops

silver nose stud

Next to earlobe piercings, nostril piercings are one of the most popular piercing types. Nose jewellery is often acceptable in professional settings in the UK, making it more popular than other facial piercings. Sterling silver nose studs come in a wide variety of designs, colours, materials, as well as silver nose piercing tops. Although there are many kinds of silver nose piercing jewellery, a best-selling adornment for any nose piercing are nose studs. These sterling silver nose studs are available with tops in different sizes that all highlight the nostril. The most common sizes for the jewelled tops are from 1.5mm to 3mm, however we also supply unique tiny 1.2mm jewelled tops. In cases where the wearer is looking for a bolder piercing statement, the silver nose piercing can be adorned with a larger sized stud or diamond prong set 925 silver jewellery and bulk nose studs. Besides different styles and materials, it is important for professional piercers to have a supply of wholesale sterling silver jewellery in different sizes to meet the growing needs of nose stud wearers. Silver nose piercings are popular worldwide and can be worn by both men and women.

The three standard sterling silver nose jewellery are straight post nose studs, L-shaped nose studs, and the nose pins. We are a leading 925 silver jewellery and bulk nose studs supplier and offer everything professional piercers will ever need. Everything from piercing supplies to stunning silver nose jewellery and other high-end body jewellery, can be found in our extensive online body jewellery shop.

Sterling silver nose studs

925 Sterling Silver Nose Piercing Studs With a Mini 1.2mm Crystal Top

This type of sterling silver nose jewellery is available in L-shaped versions as well as in Bend-It-Yourself versions. The tiny crystal tops are prong-set and are available per piece or as wholesale sterling silver jewellery. They can be found in our nose jewellery online store in 15 different colours.


925 sterling silver

Display boxes of nose piercings

Display Boxes of 1.2mm Nose Pins in Various Coloured Crystals

Our mini 1.2mm crystal nose pins are available in the UK as wholesale sterling silver piercing display boxes. The crystals on these sterling silver nose jewellery are available in 15 different colours.


925 sterling silver

Tiny sterling silver nose studs

Bend-It-Yourself 1.2mm Studs in Display Boxes

These tiny 1.2mm sterling silver nose jewellery tops are available in 15 different crystal colours. The boxes of wholesale nose jewellery contain 52 pieces of sterling silver nose studs.


925 sterling silver

When 925 Sterling Silver Is Used for Body Jewellery

925 sterling silver is a qualitative metal used in nose jewellery like our sterling silver nose studs. It is cheaper than gold and platinum and has a long shelf life, making 925 silver jewellery wholesale jewellery suitable to stock up. Furthermore, with time, the value of silver usually increases. 925 sterling silver used in silver nose piercing jewellery is a precious metal that is affordable and sells well. Silver nose piercings like Sterling silver nose studs are a popular choice for customers who want to change their body jewellery after the initial piercing jewellery. 925 silver jewellery wholesale is alloyed with other metals to strengthen it, and therefore, it is recommended for use in healed piercings. 925 sterling silver nose jewellery may tarnish a little over time but the way to prevent this in silver nose piercing jewellery, is to use the it often or to wipe off the tarnish with a soft cloth. This will restore its shine. 925 silver jewellery bulk nose studs are easy to maintain and do not require extra special treatments.

The Three Varieties of Silver Stud Nose Piercings

Silver studs for nose piercings

The three common versions of nose studs are wholesale sterling silver jewellery nose pins, L-shaped nose studs, and Bend-It-Yourself nose studs. All these nose studs are not only available with standard sized jewelled tops but also with unique tiny 1.2mm tops. Sterling silver nose jewellery pins are classic nostril jewellery consisting of a straight post with a small bulbous end to prevent the body jewellery from falling out. Nose pins are easy to insert but are recommended for healed nostril piercings. The silver nose piercing ends can be simple balls, prong-set, semi-precious, and precious stones, and bezel-set crystals. Bend-It-Yourself nose studs have to be bent by the wearer whereas the L-shaped nose studs are already bent and ready for use. All these silver nose piercing jewellery are available in our nose jewellery online store.

Standard Sizing for 925 Silver Jewellery Wholesale Nose Piercings

Silver jewellery wholesale nose piercings

Most nostril piercings are done with an 18g (1mm) or 16g (1.2mm) needle. However, there is a variety of wholesale sterling silver jewellery available in smaller sizes, such as 20g (0.8mm) or 22g (0.6mm). This is because of the variety of wholesale sterling silver jewellery choices that are available in the smaller size. 925 silver jewellery wholesale nose bones and L-shaped nose studs are 6mm to allow the wearer to use these comfortably and silver nose piercing Bend-It-Yourself studs are available in either 11mm or 17mm. These are longer silver nose piercing posts as the wearer will bend the post to fit snugly in the nostril piercing themselves.

The visible part of the stud is the silver nose piercing’s top. Tops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The largest top in our nose jewellery online store is 4.2mm and other silver nose piercing tops available are 1.2mm, 1.25mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 3.5mm.

Most nostril piercings are done with an 18g (1mm) needle, however, many nose jewellery wearers in the UK choose to downsize their body jewellery after the piercing has healed to 20g (0.8mm) or 22g (0.6mm).

Design With Crystals and Natural Stones

Crystal decoration for sterling silver nose jewellery

Various kinds silver nose jewellery like bulk nose studs are decorated with crystals or natural stones. These can either be prong-set, bezel-set, or Ferido-glued. The most prominent way of showcasing the crystal or natural stone is by using the prong-set or claw-setting method on the silver stud nose piercing. For this method, four or six posts secure the gemstone. This effectively secures the 925 silver jewellery wholesale gemstone in place and allows more light to enter the stone. In both bezel-set and Ferido-glued methods, used for wholesale sterling silver jewellery, a conical hole is drilled in the top. The gemstone is then secured by either using a strong two-component epoxy glue or the edges of the drilled cone are bent inwards using a hydraulic press to keep the gemstone in place. Our well-crafted nose jewellery UK designs often include a genuine stone such as a diamond, blue sapphire, light sapphire, amethyst, light amethyst, emerald, garnet, turquoise, tourmaline, pink tourmaline, peridot, ruby, citrine, and aquamarine. We also supply crystals in our silver nose piercing studs collection that are clear, AB, rose, jet, fuschia, light siam, or topaz. The genuine stones and crystals in our silver nose piercing jewellery are prong set and come in round shapes but also in triangular, star, and heart shapes. There are also 925 silver jewellery tops in solid shapes such as wholesale piercing balls, hearts, butterflies, stars, crosses, dolphins, palms, cherries, pineapples and flowers. This wholesale nose jewellery made of sterling silver can be ordered per piece, in bulk as well as on displays.

Other Suitable Materials for Initial and Healed Nose Piercings

When a nostril is first pierced, it is recommended that either pre-sterilised 316L surgical steel, G23 titanium, or 14KT or higher grade gold nose studs are used. This is because these materials are hypoallergenic and aid in healing. Surgical steel body jewellery is more affordable than titanium although they both have the same lustre. Surgical steel can also be anodized to produce vibrant colours. The tiny 1.2mm nose studs are not available in surgical steel.

Once the piercing has healed, the nose stud can be changed to any other product from our nose jewellery online store. One of the most popular choices of materials for nostril piercings is sterling silver. Sterling silver nose jewellery like 925 sterling silver nose studs contains 92.5% pure silver and is mixed with other alloys to strengthen it. Sterling silver is a popular body jewellery material in particular for silver nose piercings. The material can tarnish slightly but this can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth. The shine of silver is more vibrant than surgical steel and titanium and although it is a more expensive material, stud nose piercings like sterling silver nose studs are much sought after. Because gold is an expensive material, there is an option to choose gold-plated silver. This is an economical option that is preferred by many customers.

Hypoallergenic materials for nose jewellery

Other popular materials for nose jewellery UK are BioFlex, PTFE and acrylic. Bioflex is soft, flexible, and comfortable to use in piercings and is non-reactive. PTFE is similar to Bioflex as it is a flexible material as well. It has a non-stick surface. Both these materials can be cut down in the desired length easily and are safe to be used during X-rays and MRIs.

Acrylic is made from a variety of skin-friendly plastics, known as PMMA acrylic (Polymethyl methacrylate). It is an affordable and lightweight alternative to metal body jewellery. It has the appearance of glass and can be bought in a variety of colours and designs. It is most recommended for healed piercings. Acrylic is also used for retainer jewellery to hide the piercing while keeping the hole open as it is available in transparent versions.

The Nostrils Piercing Procedure

A nostril piercing goes through the soft cartilage that surrounds the outside of the nasal passages. The piercing can be placed anywhere on the nostril, even in the dimple. Each customer has different nose structures and sizes, so determining the ideal position is essential. This location can be marked with a small dot to show the customer where the needle will be inserted. A steel receiving tube is inserted in the nostril so that the piercing needle can be pushed through quickly. The nose jewellery is then inserted into the nostril. The process is fast and usually, there is hardly any bleeding.

The nose is a little more sensitive than other areas of the face. Punching a needle through the nostril can sometimes cause more pain than puncturing softer skin, like the earlobe. However, most wearers who have their nose pierced reported less pain than they expected.

Useful Aftercare Tips and Healing Time for Nose Piercings

After care for nose piercings

The nose is a prominent facial feature so extra care for the nostril piercing must be taken during the healing process. It is important for professional piercers to provide customers all relevant information they might need to know. Healing a nostril piercing takes up to 4 or 6 months but the exact healing time varies per person.

  • If the nostril jewellery falls out, it is recommended to replace the jewellery immediately as the walls of the nasal cavity heal quickly. It can close up the piercing within minutes.
  • Spinning, scratching, or moving the nostril jewellery can cause trauma to the surrounding skin. This can lead to scarring, piercing bumps, and other issues.
  • Wearers should avoid sleeping on the side that the nostril piercing is located.
  • No foreign substance should touch the piercing site such as creams, lotion, and makeup.
  • Healing the nostril piercing with a nose hoop will cause the piercing to heal with a slight curve. Therefore, it is recommended to heal the piercing with a nose stud from our nose piercing jewellery online store.
  • Once the piercing is fully healed, it can be changed for other nose jewellery UK, such as sterling silver nose jewellery hoops.
  • Before a customer stops aftercare practices or wants to change to 925 silver nose jewellery like our sterling silver nose studs it is recommended to have a look at the piercing site.