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How to Buy Body Jewellery Online

WholesaleBodyJewellery was created by Acha, a wholesale body jewellery business established in 2001. Its purpose is to provide a platform on which piercing professionals can easily buy body jewellery online. Acha’s piercing online shop contains 10,000 high-quality wholesale body piercing jewellery and piercing equipment items that are distributed to piercing studios and tattoo studios throughout the UK. The shopping experience has been developed to make it very convenient for professional piercers to order and buy body jewellery online. The navigation system on the website allows piercers to select and order hundreds of items through simple ordering grids, whether in individual packages, as bulk body jewellery, or on piercing displays. Various forms of payment are accepted and all wholesale body jewellery and piercing supplies will arrive in 3 to 5 business days after confirmation of the payment. Orders of over £280 British Pounds are shipped for free and discount piercing prices and store credits are given to larger orders.

How to order online:

Buy Body Jewellery Online


Browse through and select the product group that is desired. This will take you to the specific page on where you can either log in or sign up before adding the product to your shopping cart. On the main page, there are two ways to navigate through the catalogue, either by using the product menu on the left side or by typing in a keyword or the known product code in the search bar. The selection tabs to buy wholesale jewellery online are located in the ‘’Products’’ menu on the left side. Navigate between the body jewellery types, materials, product types, piercing types, or various themes and narrow down the search to find the precise items to buy body jewellery online.


Click on the desired product to see details on buying wholesale jewellery online such as price, size, materials, and gauges, and add the preferred quantity in the order grid. This selection will be confirmed when going to the shopping cart. The product page allows viewing sales statistics, material certifications, and other best-selling body jewellery in this category as well as to make further orders.

Buy Body Jewellery Online - Step 1 - Click on the products
Buy Body Jewellery Online - Step 2 -Check Cart


Professional piercers can move on to the next products. Once the full selection of products to buy body jewellery online is completed, the shopping cart can be viewed. The total weight of the order, the estimated shipping cost, and the grand total for payment are shown here.


If everything is in order and the selection of buying body jewellery online is completed, the order can be proceeded to check out and personal details such as billing and shipping address are needed to be selected, as well as the preferred payment method.

Buy Body Jewellery Online - Step 3 -Select Payment Method
Professional Sales Agents


Our online catalogue and ordering pages allow professional piercers to make re-orders conveniently, contact a dedicated professional sales agent, as well as request free professional photographs of the items ordered. These photographs can be used for advertising and brochures.