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The Tongue Piercings

Table of Contents

wholesale tongue bars in many variations

Sold in surgical steel, acrylic, BioFlex, G23 titanium, and different anodised and PVD plated options

Tongue Piercing Types

Traditional wholesale tongue bars go through the centre of the body part. It has a centre median sulcus line that connects both muscles together and is visible. The terminal sulcus which presents as a shallow groove that runs forward in a V-shape from the foramen cecum towards the margins of the body part. It is in this centreline groove or connective tissue where the traditional piercing is placed. Taste buds are collections of nerve-like cells with taste receptors that connect to nerves running into the brain. It is also important to note there is also a horizontal median septum in the body part, which separates the vascular parts underneath, from the musculature on the upper half of the body part.

Midline Piercings

Midline Piercing

There are many styles of piercings but the most common is the midline piercing. Placed on the midline of the body part, approximately 19 mm back from the tip and pierced on a diagonal plane with the top ball leaning away from the teeth. The bottom of the midline piercing should be just in front of the web-like skin under the tongue known as the lingual frenulum. In some cases, the placement and process will slightly vary.

There are also some instances where a request for a midline piercing must be denied.

  • If the wearer has a vein obstructing the midline piercing, a side piercing is recommended.
  • There are also cases when the client’s tongue is too short and they cannot stick it out far enough for it to be pierced.
  • Having a frenulum that is too long can also cause issues. Any puncture or incision in here can lead to suffocation, bleeding and swelling.
Side Piercings

Side Piercings

Side tongue piercings are where the piecing is off to one side of the body part either to the left or right. The best choice of jewellery for both kinds of piercings, midline, and side, are straight wholesale tongue piercing bars. Straight barbells are also the most common type of body jewellery used in venom piercings.

Surface Tongue Piercings

Surface Tongue Piercings

This is done on the surface of the body part, across or lengthwise along the tongue. A surface tongue piercing carries the same risk associated with other wholesale piercings, but it has a slightly higher risk of migration and rejection. This is because the skin is pierced as opposed to the deeper tissue that keeps it in place. Furthermore, activity and movement in the pierced area may lead to migration. Migration is not uncommon although it does not leave an open wound but the piercing moves where the tissue in the fistula fills in behind it.

Tongue Frenulum Piercings

Tongue Frenulum Piercings

This is known as a “tongue web piercing”. A frenulum piercing is done under the tongue and is not immediately visible unless the body part is lifted up. The thickness and length of the frenulum linguae are different for every person, so not everyone will be suitable to get this kind of piercing. These heal quickly but have a higher chance of migration and are considered more painful. The wholesale tongue piercing jewellery used for frenulum piercings is either a curved or circular barbell.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercings

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercings

This are a little more complicated than standard piercings in that the two horizontal muscles are pierced. The two holes are pierced near the tip. It gives the illusion of snake eyes and curved barbells with round ball attachments are usually used. It should only be performed by very experienced piercers.

Venom Bites

Venom Bites

This is the term used when two piercings are placed side by side on the tongue and is also called frog eye piercings as they resemble the eyes of these amphibians. It is thought that venom tongue piercing is slightly more painful than regular piercings through the middle where the first venom bite will hurt more than the first.

Multiple Tongue Piercings

Multiple Tongue Piercings

This type consists of mixing different styles of piercings. Depending on the piercing there are different kinds of body jewellery that can be used.

Everything About Tongue Piercings

Premium Wholesale Tongue Bars UK-Wide

As a wholesale supplier of tongue bars, our online body jewellery store carries a wide variety of high-quality jewellery. The tongue bars UK catalogue on our website includes straight tongue barbells as well as curved barbells, circular barbells, and fake tongue jewellery. We supply a variety of designs of attachment balls, such as spinner balls and slave rings in plain and anodised variations. We also have tongue bars with shapes such as dice, stars, hearts, flat skulls, and crosses. The crystal colours of our wholesale tongue piercing barbells are clear, AB, rose, light sapphire opal, sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst, hyacinth, topaz, emerald, garnet, citrine, and peridot. They are also produced with Ferido-glued crystals, slave ball attachments with bezel-set crystals, glow-in-the-dark, acrylic dark bubble balls, silicone koosh balls, multi-crystal balls, acrylic beach balls, acrylic whistle barbells, glow-in-the-dark illusion studs and multi-jewel balls in up to 19 colours including multi-crystals and assorted crystals. Furthermore we supply glitter balls, barbells with a combination of dice and ball ends, multi-crystals in different designs, acrylic checker balls, steel spinner balls, snake bite bars, and confederate flag designs. Apart from the solid and anodised versions of our wholesale tongue bars, they are also sold in rose gold, frosted steel, BioFlex, synthetic opal, as well as acrylic. Titanium tongue bars as well as surgical steel tongue barbells are recommended for initial jewellery.

wholesale tongue bars with balls

Basic Barbells

Barbells are one of the most basic kinds of jewellery and have a straight post of varying lengths with two internally or externally threaded balls. Barbells can be bought in bulk, per piece, on displays and in individually pre-sterilised EO gas packages and are sold as titanium tongue bars, surgical steel tongue barbells and acrylic tongue bars.


316 surgical steel, anodised steel, PVD plated steel, G23 titanium, anodised titanium, BioFlex and acrylic

rose gold plated wholesale tongue bars

Rose Gold Plated Barbells

The upper ball attachment of these rose gold plated surgical steel tongue barbells include a bezel-set crystal and the lower ball is a solid attachment. These barbells are sold in three varying lengths and also available in different materials such as acrylic, ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI), surgical steel and BioFlex bars.


316 surgical steel, anodised steel, PVD plated steel, G23 titanium, anodised titanium, BioFlex and acrylic

wholesale tongue bars with spinner balls

Barbells with Spinner Balls

These wholesale tongue bars in anodised steel have an upper 6mm ball attachment with 3mm or 4mm spinner balls. The spinner ball variants sold in our tongue bars UK catalogue are diverse, such as with UV glow in the dark, multi crystals, bezel-set crystals, frosted steel, and rose gold and black plated steel.


316 surgical steel, anodised steel, and acrylic

Different Kinds of Wholesale Tongue Piercing Jewellery

tongue bars

The most requested piercing types are ear and nose piercings. The tongue ring follows after this. Tongue rings are worn by both men and women but most wholesale tongue bars are sold to young women. Because the body part is constantly moving in everyday life, the wholesale tongue piercing barbells size is very important. Barbells that are too thin are likely to migrate and can cause pain and discomfort. Usually, the gauge of the piercing needle, as well as the wholesale tongue bars jewellery, is 14g (1.6mm). Once the wholesale tongue bars piercing has healed, larger jewellery can be used to stretch. In some cases, to reduce the stretching process, a 12g (2mm) or 10g (2.5mm) needle and barbell is used. Some wearers of wholesale tongue bars will further stretch to accommodate 8g (3mm) or 6g (4mm) jewellery with a view to prevent migration and to provide a stable snug fit.

We sell tongue barbells UK-wide in sizes of up to 00g (10 mm). These are particularly well suited for wearers of large jewellery. The end attachments of the tongue bars are sold in different styles and materials. There are also skin coloured and clear beads to semi hide it.

Barbells have two externally threaded ends, usually balls, but our online body jewellery shop also supplies a variety of designs such as balls with Ferido-glued multi-crystals, bezel-set crystals, opal, acrylic, slave rings, and even spinner balls. This type of wholesale body jewellery is available in hypoallergenic ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI), rose gold, and surgical steel. Barbells are also available in acrylic and BioFlex, which is sometimes considered more comfortable.

Do Tongue Piercings Hurt?

Tongue Piercing procedure

The professional piercer first has to check the underside of the tongue for large blood vessels, sometimes using a very bright light and then the safe placement is marked. It is then clamped using forceps and pierced with a cannula or 14g (1.6mm) needle. In some cases a larger needle is used if the client requests for a larger gauge initial jewellery. The procedure is usually done from top to bottom with a needle and the other way around using a cannula needle. These piercings are quick procedures and the professional piercer will be prepared to move quickly. Once the needle has pierced the tongue, the jewellery is gently inserted and the end attachment is screwed in. The initial jewellery is usually considerably longer to allow for swelling which can sometimes increase the thickness of the tongue to twice its regular size but this will subside quickly.

The body part may seem like it would be highly sensitive and getting a piercing here would hurt. In reality, it is relatively low on the piercing pain scale. When it is done by an experienced piercer, only a pinch is felt by the customer. The procedure is quick and the pain and discomfort minimal. However, the real pain for the customer comes in the days following during healing. Because the body part will move quite a bit, there is some healing pain and swelling. The swelling may take about a week to subside. These piercings will heal really fast, so this portion of the healing process will not last too long.

Choosing the Best Wholesale Tongue Piercing Jewellery

wholesale tongue piercing jewellery

The risks of damaging the enamel of teeth do exist but this can be reduced by choosing the correct size and material. Standard jewellery are 14g (1.6mm), 16 mm long, and made of straight surgical steel or ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI). Typically titanium tongue bars vary in lengths from 14mm to 22mm. Common sizes are 16mm, 19mm, 14mm bars, as well as 12mm tongue bars. The length of the barbell should be about 22mm initially to accommodate swelling, but it should then be shortened after it has sufficiently healed. A shorter barbell is the best way to avoid damage to the teeth.

This jewellery is also available in BioFlex or as clear flexible acrylic tongue bars that can be used as retainers to semi hide it yet keeping the hole open. For those who would like to give the impression of having real wholesale tongue piercing bars but without actually getting a real one can use fake tongue jewellery.

The Healing Process

The average time of healing is between 3 to 4 weeks. This fast healing time makes it an easier piercing when it comes to aftercare. It must be noted that even old fistulas can close in a matter of hours without jewellery. Therefore, for those who want to keep their piercing, they must keep their jewellery in. During the healing process, the jewellery can be removed for short periods of time. When it is first pierced, larger body jewellery are used to accommodate swelling but many professional piercers and dentists recommend that once the swelling has subsided, changing the barbell to a more snug length will cause less irritation to the teeth.

The actual healing process is fairly simple but there are a lot of outside influences that can make this kind of piercing healing more painful.

Aftercare Steps

wholesale tongue bars aftercare tips

The body part is exposed to bacteria that saliva harbours, as well as in food, drinks, and anything else that is put in the mouth. A sea salt mouth rinse or other saline aftercare products 2 to 3 times daily is also recommended.

  • In the beginning, it is advisable to eat soft food or anything that does not require chewing as it will be sore. 
  • After every meal, cleansing the piercing of any lingering food debris with a soft brush and saline solution is required. 
  • Alcohol or cigarettes need to be avoided as they can affect the body’s immune system. The chemicals in both alcohol and cigarettes harm the healing and encourage infection. 
  • For the 3 to 4 weeks of healing, other people’s bodily fluids should be avoided. Thus, customers should avoid sharing eating utensils. 
  • Spicy, salty, or acidic food and drinks should be refrained from and during healing do not consume hot food and drinks. 
  • Talking and chewing must be done with care so as not to click the jewellery against the teeth. 
  • After eating and before bed, the piercing should be rinsed using warm salt water or an antibacterial, alcohol-free mouthwash. 
  • Also, constantly check to ensure that the jewellery is secured well to prevent swallowing or choking and  it is recommended during sports and vigorous activities, the jewellery is removed and a mouth guard is used. 
  • After it has fully healed, the body jewellery should be removed at night and brushed in the same way the teeth are cleaned and kept out till the following morning.

Why is Buying Wholesale Tongue Barbells Advantageous?

Rather than buying individual items to replenish stock, low-priced body jewellery purchased in bulk helps the professional piercer to have a constant supply of bars. This not only helps to meet the expectations of their customers but allows buying wholesale tongue bars at considerable savings.

wholesale tongue bars with gems in various colors

Larger orders of body jewellery in bulk, such as 16mm, 19mm, 12mm tongue bars, as well as the 14mm bars have been specifically organised in large packs of assorted wholesale tongue bars to make it convenient and economical. We sell wholesale tongue bars UK wide, allowing professional piercers to provide their customers with many choices without ever finding themselves out of supply. Although when you buy tongue bars online in bulk orders are much bigger. Bulk body jewellery follows the rationale that most businesses offer which is the more you buy, the lower the price per piece becomes.

There is no compromise in quality when it comes to all our bulk body jewellery and piercing supplies are not only hygienically safe for body use but each item is checked multiple times prior to shipment to ensure that they are free of any defects and meet the highest quality standards.

Although when you buy body jewellery in bulk, there is a minimal amount that is charged by customs, this amount is overridden by the overall cost of your order as opposed to buying bulk body jewellery locally. Furthermore, we offer great deals, such as free shipping for purchases of over a very low amount, and the more you order, the more discounts are given.

Where Can I Buy Tongue Bars?

Our wholesale body jewellery catalogue carries a large range of premium wholesale tongue piercing jewellery where professional piercers can buy tongue bars online. Our easy to navigate website allows professional piercers in the UK to find items quickly and place their orders conveniently. We also have a strong team of professional customer support.

Any questions you may have about buying tongue barbells UK wide as well as other topics such as ordering, payment and shipping can be answered by our multilingual professional sales agents. They are knowledgeable about current trends especially for your location as well as what the best-selling jewellery are. All our body jewellery in bulk orders are processed very quickly after going through our 2-step quality control process. This ensures that when you buy tongue bars online they are free from any defects and in perfect quality. Shipments are sent out within 24 hours. This guarantees that your order of wholesale tongue piercing jewellery reaches you within 3 to 5 working days. Our sales agents will also prepare and assist with any documentation of your shipment to the UK.