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Titanium Body Jewellery

Table of Contents

Wholesale titanium body jewellery

Available in 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16mm

The Benefits of Titanium Body Jewellery

Supplier of Professional Titanium Body Jewellery to the UK

titanium block

Titanium body jewellery is highly sought after for its hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant characteristics, durability, light-weight and strength. As a professional wholesale body jewellery supplier, we carry a wide variety of titanium ASTM F-136 Ti6Al4V ELI piercing jewellery in our online store. Our products range from barbells, labrets, eyebrow bars, belly bars, circular barbells, dermal anchors and ball closure rings, to loose body piercing parts. Furthermore we supply ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) titanium nipple and nose jewellery in both solid and anodised versions. These include prong-set crystals in clear, rose, jet, and lavender as well as bezel-set crystals in multiple colours. Combinations of crystal and solid balls, Ferido-glued crystal balls, faux pearl balls, as well as synthetic opal and steel balls are also obtainable. The same goes for acrylic attachments in different sizes, designs and colours. Our titanium body jewellery comes in solid shapes such as balls and cones, dice, stars, hearts, and butterflies in plain and colourful anodised variations.

titanium segment rings

Segment Rings

Our seamless and segment rings are sold in different styles. There are segment rings which include a loose section that is clicked in place after insertion into the piercing and there are hinged segment rings, of which the section is attached to the ring. Both versions give the appearance of a continuous ring when inserted. Those segment and hinged segment rings are sold in PVD-plated and anodized versions and the gauges vary from 16g (1.2mm) to 4g (5mm). The diameters range from 6mm to 16mm.


G23 titanium

wholesale titanium piercings

Bulk Titanium Body Jewellery

As mentioned, our titanium body jewellery UK catalogue features an extensive selection of high quality ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) titanium piercing jewellery. By buying our body jewellery in bulk you not only benefit from better prices but also ensure you have a full stock at hand. This biocompatible jewellery is sold as labrets, piercing anchors, barbells, horseshoe barbells, curved barbells, and belly rings with balls. Attachments obtainable are cones, faux pearls, UV balls, dice, and bezel-set crystals. They are produced in varying gauges and assortment sizes ranging from 6mm to 16mm. Supplied are packs of 12, 20, 24, 25, 40, 50, and 100 pieces depending on the type of body jewellery. Also sold are piercing kits containing the appropriate piercing needles and initial jewellery, both EO gas sterilised. These come in packs of 100 pieces in varying gauges and lengths.


G23 titanium

sterilised titanium body jewellery

Sterilised Jewellery in Individual Packages

Titanium ASTM F-136 Ti6Al4V ELI jewellery is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for new piercings. This does not only help in reducing certain risks, but also in saving time and cost. We sell a variety of titanium body jewellery UK wide that has been EO gas sterilised in vacuum sealed packages. These are ready for use and stay sterilised for at least a year. The types of titanium piercing jewellery on offer are straight, curved and horseshoe barbells, tongue barbells and nipple barbells. Also labrets, captive bead rings, L-shaped nose studs with round crystal tops and belly rings with bezel-set crystals. They come in varying gauges and lengths and have either ball or cone attachments. Some jewellery includes bezel-set crystals in various colours. This sterilised body jewellery is sold per piece or in bulk packs of 50, 100 or 250 pieces.


G23 titanium

Titanium Barbells

Internally Threaded Barbells

Barbells are among the most popular types of titanium piercing jewellery. They can be used for nipple, nose, tongue, ear, genital, and eyebrow piercings. ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) titanium nipple jewellery and nose jewellery in the form of barbells is particularly sought after. These barbells have varying lengths and two internally threaded ball attachments.


G23 titanium

titanium Dermal anchors

Dermal Anchors With Bezel-Set Tops

Single-point piercings, also known as dermal anchors, do not have exit points. They consist of a round or flat-foot base plate with holes for tissue growth and an ornamental part that sits above the skin. This is a type of internally threaded piercing jewellery, which ensures that the pierced area does not get damaged during the insertion of the jewellery.


G23 titanium

titanium labrets

Titanium Labrets With Multi-Crystal Balls

Our ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) titanium labrets have a flat back piece that sits flat against the skin and internally threaded balls. They are often used for upper and lower lip piercings, ear piercings and even as nose jewellery. These labrets are ideal for oral use as the back plate does not irritate gums or teeth. The piercing balls are internally threaded.


G23 titanium

Titanium Body Jewellery Composition

Titanium ASTM F-136 Ti6Al4V ELI has a low density and high strength ratio, which means it is both very strong and light. It does not corrode, tarnish, or react to sunlight, salt-water, or any body chemistry. Because of these characteristics, it is a desirable material for use in industries where temperature changes and the elements of weather can create adverse effects on structural components. Besides being frequently used in the aerospace market, it is also highly preferred in the medical field. It has now also made the transition to become a preferred material for body jewellery.

The Advantages of the Material

It is one of the most chosen materials for initial piercings because of various reasons. Not only is it comfortable, body-friendly, light-weight and corrosion-free, but also does not contain any nickel. Therefore ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) titanium nose jewellery, navel and nipple jewellery are much sought after by professional piercers. Furthermore, the metal can be anodised to create vibrant colours like yellow, blue, purple, green and rainbow colour variations.

Titanium is Good for Healing

Safe for New and Healed Piercings

The chances of infections for piercings are reduced by using titanium body jewellery, available in the UK. Being a premium metal that offers high biocompatibility, this implant-grade material is recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) for new as well as healed piercings. In the medical field, it is a first choice material for medical implants such as plates and screws, as it offers total resistance to body fluids. The material poses no risk for piercing wearers who have nickel allergies. Furthermore, research has shown that the material’s particles or separations are not toxic to the human body and causes no immunological rejection.

strong and durable titamiun

Strong and Durable

Titanium will last longer than most other bulk body jewellery materials as it has a high strength to density ratio and is very durable. Because the metal does not corrode, rust or tarnish, the piercings will remain in good shape indefinitely.

titanium body jewellery

Design Features

Titanium piercing jewellery does not need to be changed often. It retains its luster and antimicrobial properties for a long period if taken care of properly. Additionally, the metal can also be anodised to produce vibrant colours. The anodising process does not change the composition of the material and is therefore longer lasting than a plating. Colour options available range from yellow and pink to red, purple and black.

titanium body jewellery is light

Lightweight Material

Compared to surgical steel, titanium body jewellery is much lighter, up to 50%, making it more comfortable to wear. This is particularly relevant for tongue, breast and genital piercings and for body jewellery with larger gauges.

Titanium has an small thermal conductivity

Heat Conductivity

The material possesses high heat transfer efficiency. This makes ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) titanium navel, nose and nipple jewellery comfortable to wear in both hot and cold climates.

low priced wholesale titanium body jewellery


Prices for wholesale titanium body jewellery UK wide are more affordable than those for sterling silver and gold jewellery. Compared to gold, whose pure form is combined with alloys that determine the price, titanium is ready for processing directly.

Because it does not corrode, rust or tarnish, the piercings will remain in good shape indefinitely.

How to Anodize Titanium?

Titanium ASTM F-136 Ti6Al4V ELI body piercing jewellery can be anodised to create various colours. In this process the oxide layer on the metal’s surface is manipulated through an electric current. The anodising process can only successfully be carried out with a high grade material. The anodising process of titanium body jewellery also protects metals from ageing. There are two main types of anodising processes:

Anodized titanium body jewellery
  •         Type 2 anodising is done to attain lubricity by reducing the friction on the surface. This type of anodising produces a distinctive grey colour making it easily distinguishable from surgical steel. 
  •         Type 3 anodising focuses on manipulating the oxide layer using an electric current in order to create various colours.

The colours achievable through anodising are limited, but can be mixed in order to form multi-coloured rainbow designs. Colour options available in our titanium body jewellery UK catalogue include silver, bronze, purple, magenta, blue, light blue, gold, rose, teal, and green.

The Difference Between Grade G23 and G5

There are two grades available that are used for wholesale titanium piercing jewellery. These are Grade 5 (G5) and Grade 23 (G23). G5 is similar to G23 but G5 contains reduced levels of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and iron. These lower interstitials and toughness of the metal. When it comes to wholesale titanium body jewellery UK wide, G23 is the most commonly available.

Titanium vs Surgical Steel Piercings – Which one is better?

Surgical Steel vs Titanium body jewellery

ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) titanium has the advantage of being lightweight, which is very beneficial for piercings at certain body parts. Surgical steel on the other hand is slightly cheaper but a little bit heavier. Is hypoallergenic as the material does not contain alloys. Surgical steel may contain small amounts of nickel but is also a suitable choice for initial piercings, as approved by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). In reality however, most people will not experience big differences between the two materials. Both materials are safe for body piercing use, so the decision often comes down to personal preferences, price, and design.

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