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Half Jewel Balls

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wholesale piercing balls

3mm Half Jewel Balls

3mm Half Jewell Balls
ball tops with crystals

3mm Half Jewel Balls

Showing a Larger Part of Crystals With Half Jewel Balls

Crystal piercing balls

With half jewel balls, the crystal can be seen better from different angles and perspectives, including the side view of the piercing balls. With standard jewel balls, the crystals are embedded in the balls deeper and only a small portion of the crystals are visible. Jewel balls with crystals as attachments add colour and enhance the body jewellery. The crystals used in these piercing balls are available in vibrant colours and include clear, AB, rose, light sapphire, sapphire, aquamarine, blue zircon, light amethyst, amethyst, jet, fuschia, light siam, hyacinth, peridot, emerald, and topaz. Also, the proportion between the ball and the crystal for half jewel ball jewellery is more balanced, allowing more reflection of light from the crystal. This makes the half jewel ball jewellery more attractive to many wearers.

Ferido Body Jewellery Manufacturing Process

working process for jewel balls

There are two different methods of attaching crystals to half jewel balls such as piercing barbell balls as well as tongue piercing balls and nipple piercing balls. Crystals can either be Ferido-glued or bezel-set. In the Ferido-glued method, the ball is drilled with a conical shaped hole and the crystal is then affixed in the cone, using a strong two-component epoxy-based glue. This process is fast and can be done by hand tools, without machinery. To make sure the crystals are sustained for a long period of time in piercing balls such as barbell balls, circular barbell balls, and surface piercing balls, attention has to be paid to various things. Firstly, the quality of the glue itself is an important factor. The glue has to be from a certain quality to make sure the crystals do not fall out over time. Some body jewellery suppliers skimp on glue, which results in jewel balls with crystals falling out quicker. Besides, enough glue must be used. Crystals might fall out quicker if not enough glue is used. To prevent the crystal resting in a tilted way on the ball, care must be given to allow the glue to dry evenly. Finally, when the hole is drilled in the ball, the hole should be the right size and the sharp edges should be removed because these are higher than the embedded crystal. Although the Ferido-glue method is a cheaper process, all our jewellery is meticulously checked and quality materials are used, to ensure none of these drawbacks is present in our jewel balls

Bezell balls

The process of bezel-setting crystals starts with a cone-shaped hole that is drilled in the top of the jewel ball with the exact width of the crystal but just a little bit deeper. The crystal is then placed inside the cone-shaped cavity and the ball is placed inside a hydraulic press. The outer raised rim is pressed inwards, securing the crystal. Tension is used to slightly bend over the edges of the steel, ensuring the crystal’s position. The major benefit of this bezel-set method is that the jewel is secured in place indefinitely as the size of the crystal is bigger than the opening on the jewel ball and is thus embedded within. It is a long-lasting method and the crystal is located in the exact correct position and not tilted to one side. The drawback for bezel-set jewel balls is that the machinery required for the process is expensive and the process must be handled by skilled and trained operators. For Ferido-glued piercings, a lot of smaller sized crystals are used, making Ferido-glued balls more expensive than bezel-set balls.

The jewel is secured in place indefinitely as the size of the crystal is bigger than the opening on the jewel ball and is thus embedded within.

Wholesale Body Jewellery with Half Jewel Ball Attachments

Many of the body jewellery used for adornment of facial piercings and navel piercings are available with half jewel piercing balls. These include straight barbells, horseshoe barbells, curved barbells, labrets, spirals and twisters, and dermal anchor tops. However, body jewellery can also be enhanced by using half jewel bezel-set piercing balls, such as piercing barbell balls as well as eyebrow piercing balls, tongue piercing balls, and nipple piercing balls that are available loose. This allows professional piercers to provide customers with the choice for adjusting their current body jewellery. Other types of attachments can be replaced for half jewel balls easily and can highlight the customer’s piercing.

Barbell balls

Surgical Steel Barbells with 3mm Bezel-Set Crystal Balls

Our surgical steel barbell jewellery is available in varying lengths to accommodate different tragus thicknesses. The 3mm piercing balls are available with the full range of 16 different bezel-set crystals for a wide choice. The ends are half jewelled balls.


316L surgical steel

Belly bananas balls

Belly Bananas with Ferido-Glued Half Jewel Balls

Bananas are available in varying lengths and have a small upper ball, either in solid steel or with Ferido-glued or bezel-set crystals. The bigger lower balls come in a full range of Ferido-glued crystals and add colour to the body jewellery.


316L surgical steel

dermal anchors with half jewel ball tops

Dermal Anchors with 3mm Half Jewel Ball Tops

Dermal anchors can be placed anywhere on the body where there is skin available to pierce such as the cheek, chest, abdomen, nape, arms, and legs. These titanium piercing jewellery flat foot anchor base plates are available with zero, two or three holes and have steel half jewel ball tops to make the piercing stand out. They are available on body jewellery display boxes with 16 pieces and come with 7 bezel-set crystal top options. Individual dermal anchor tops with 3mm piercing balls are also available in the full range of 16 colours. All are externally threaded and bezel-set.


Titanium G23, 316L surgical steel

3mm Half Jewel Balls

3mm Half Jewel Piercing Balls

These loose 3mm piercing balls can be added on to any barbell type body jewellery by simply changing the attachments. Regular barbell balls, circular barbell balls and surface piercing balls can be changed to these colourful piercing balls. Straight, curved, horseshoe, surface, industrial, spiral, twister barbells as well as labrets that are 16g (1.2mm) can use these half jewelled bezel-set piercing balls that are internally threaded. The half jewel balls are available in sets of 10 and come in 16 vibrant colours.


316L surgical steel

Horseshoe Barbells with 3mm Bezel-Set Crystals

Horseshoe Barbells with 3mm Bezel-Set Crystals Balls

Large diameter circular or horseshoe barbells can be used as tragus, helix, rook, conch, daith piercing jewellery as well as for septum, cartilage, bridge, and eyebrow piercings. Horseshoe barbells with larger diameters are available in varying lengths to accommodate different anatomical thicknesses. The body jewellery includes two 3mm piercing balls, available with the full range of 16 different bezel-set crystals for a wide choice of colours. These horseshoe or circular barbells are 16g (1.2mm)


316L surgical steel