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Piercing Tools

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wholesale piercing tools

5 Types of Clamps: Rounded, Rounded Slotted, Closed Pennington, Slotted Pennington, and Universal


Frequently Asked Questions About

Wholesale Piercing Tools

How to sterilise piercing tools?

Apart from buying pre-sterilised piercing tools, a professional piercer can also use an autoclave machine or a dry heat steriliser. All items should be placed in special sterilising bags. Another option is to use a glutaraldehyde-based chemical bath. This is a longer process and comes with more risks due to the toxicity of hazardous chemicals.

How often do piercing tools have to be sterilised?

Single-use piercing tools in sterilised packs have an expiration date on it and usually last for a year when stored properly. Non-disposable piercing tools should always be sterilised after being used and immediately before a new piercing procedure.

What tools are used for a dermal piercing?

A single entry piercing is best pierced with a dermal punch although piercing needles can be used too. Other essential piercing tools are micro dermal piercing forceps, which can hold and fasten the jewelled attachment, as well as dermal anchor locking forceps.

What tools do I need to change a piercing?

The six main piercing tools used for changing different kinds of piercing jewellery with ease are piercing clamps, taper pins, hemostats, ring expansion pliers, ring-closing pliers, and brass-tip pliers. Piercing clamps and hemostats help to hold piercing materials and tissue while taper pins are useful for the insertion of body jewellery. Ring expansion pliers, ring-closing pliers, and brass-tip pliers can pull, close, and twisting body jewellery.

Where to buy piercing tools?

High-quality piercing tools can be bought at Wholesale Body Jewellery. This online catalogue includes a large range of pre-sterilised products in vacuum-sealed packs. Those contain needles, clamps, or piercing kits, all are sold at reasonable prices.

Wholesale Piercing Tools for Professional Piercers

An adequate supply of wholesale piercing tools is essential to carry out an effective and safe piercing process. Having high-grade sterilised disposable piercing tools is particularly important for every professional piercer. The most crucial piercing tools are needles, including cannula needles, clamps, and forceps. There are also kits available that contain high-quality piercing needles with the suitable body jewellery for various types of piercings, such as navel, nose, ear and lip. These will satisfy the needs of any professional piercer are also supplied through our wholesale piercing tools and body jewellery website. Apart from these wholesale piercing tools, we supply a vast array of premium quality body jewellery in different sizes, gauges, colours and materials.

Professional Piercing Equipment Available in the UK

Piercing needles sizes

Extra Sharp Hypodermic Piercing Needles

Piercings can not be done without these essential body piercing tools supplies. Piercing needles are handheld for precision and are made from biocompatible stainless steel. The larger gauge needles are hollow or hypodermic and have laser-cut tri-bevelled tips that ensure sharpness. For each piercing, the most suitable gauge must be carefully selected. Higher gauges indicate thinner needles.Piercing needles are normally inserted into the body part by hand but sometimes needle holders or pushers are used. While the needle is still in the body, the initial jewellery to be worn is pushed through the opening, following the backside of the piercing needle. The body jewellery is often inserted into the hollow end of the needle so that as the needle pulls through the jewellery is left behind.

Nose piercing needles tubes

Receiving Tubes for Piercings

These wholesale piercing tools are hollow tubes made of metal, shatter-resistant glass, or plastic and are used to support the tissue at the piercing site. Receiving tubes are commonly used as nose piercing equipment and sometimes for cartilage piercings. Not only are these wholesale piercing tools intended to receive the needle once it has passed through the tissue, offering protection from the sharp point, but they also support the tissue.

Cannula needles for piercings

Cannula Needles (Piercing Catheters)

Some professional piercers prefer to work with needles that contain a cannula or catheter, which is a hollow plastic tube placed at the end of the needle. In some countries, the needle is regarded as a medical device and is illegal for body piercings, hence the cannula or catheter needle is used. The procedure is similar to a standard piercing method, but the initial jewellery is inserted into the back of the cannula and then pulled through the hole.

Forceps and clamps piercing kits

Piercing Forceps and Clamps

Forceps are used in the piercing process as piercing pliers to hold the tissue in place. Forceps can also be used with dermal jewellery to attach the dermal top. They are available in two different types, either in surgical steel or single-use kinds. Wholesale piercing tool clamps ensure a secure grip, so that the needle can be pushed through smoothly and evenly during the piercing procedure. Clamps are also used to hold materials such as cotton and gauze in the piercing process. Certain professional piercers opt for clamps as they are more versatile than forceps. In our bulk body jewellery online shop, we supply five kinds of body piercing clamps which are all EO gas sterilised and for single use.

Dermal punches for dermal anchor piercings

Dermal Punches

A dermal punch is used to remove a circular area of tissue, into which the body jewellery is placed. This punch is normally used for dermal piercings and although more precise than a needle, some piercers prefer using a standard piercing needle for this procedure. These piercing equipment available in the UK can also be used for larger cartilage piercings. In some countries, dermal punches are illegal to use by non-medical personnel.

Piercing gun tool

Piercing Guns

The Association of Professional Piercers does not recommend the use of piercing guns for any type of piercing and requires its members to agree not to use guns in their practice. The safety of these piercing guns, which were originally developed for tagging livestock, is disputed. For this reason, we do not supply piercing guns. Professional piercers are recommended to use piercing needles because they are more hygienic, more precise, and less painful.

Complete piercing kit with needle and body jewellery

Sterilised Piercing Kits

Piercing kits in the UK are the perfect tool for any professional piercer who is looking to save time and effort and to work more conveniently. Different types of body piercings require needles in different gauges. These body piercing kits, available in the UK, contain sterilised surgical steel needles and come with the desired piercing jewellery, such as nipple barbells, belly bananas, eyebrow bananas, labret studs, or circular barbells. These body and ear piercing kits are vacuum-sealed and are ready for immediate use.

Some professional piercers tools

More Professional Piercing Supplies

There are other piercing supplies that can be very helpful for professional piercers.

  • Hemostats are surgical tools that help to prevent bleeding by clamping the area. Although it is useful, it is not essential as most piercings do not bleed more than a few drops.
  • A professional piercer should have saline solutions and surgical alcohol to cleanse the piercing area.
  • General piercing supplies such as cotton, gauze, antiseptic creams, and dressing tape are another essential supply for piercers to have in stock.

The Association of Professional Piercers does not recommend the use of piercing guns for any type of piercing.

Sterilising Piercings Kits and Tools

Sterilising piercings tools

Sterilising With an Autoclave Machine

An autoclave machine is specifically designed to perform sterilisation of piercing equipment in the UK by using high temperature and pressure. This machine has the appearance of a small microwave and is able to carry out effective sterilisation of items by subjecting it to pressurised saturated steam at 121 °C (250 °F). The process takes around 15–20 minutes, depending on the size and the content. It reduces the risks of infection and prevents complications in the healing of the piercing.

Sterilising piercings kits

Pre-Sterilisation With Ethylene Oxide

Besides using an own autoclave, it is also possible to buy body jewellery and piercing kits that are already Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilised, which are extremely safe and convenient. Items are individually packed so that the best results are achieved. Ethylene Oxide is a low temperature gaseous, generally used to sterilise a variety of healthcare products, such as medical devices. Buying EO gas sterilised products saves a lot of time and effort for professional piercers and these products are available per piece as well as in bulk.

Hypodermic needles

Surgical Steel Hypodermic Piercing Needles

These wholesale piercing tools are hollow or hypodermic and allow the displaced tissue to be collected during the piercing process. They ensure a fast and precise piercing and are available in different gauges. The size should be carefully selected after inspecting the piercing site and the jewellery that will be used. The needles, including nose piercing needles, are specially cut by lasers and have a triangular tip to ensure sharpness.


316L surgical steel

wholesale of piercing tools for professional piercers

Sterilised Clamps for Single Use

Pennington clamps are used to hold down skin tissue as well as materials, such as cotton or gauze. Clamps ensure a secure grip so that the needle can be pushed through accurately and smoothly during the piercing procedure. The five kinds of body piercing clamps available are: rounded, rounded slotted, closed Pennington, slotted Pennington, and universal. All types are EO gas sterilised and made for single use.



Wholesale of piercing kits including needles

Kits With Piercing Needles

As an added convenience for professional piercers, these body piercing kits, available in the UK, include 316L surgical steel needles and come with the appropriate body jewellery. These pre-sterilised piercing kits are ready to use for various piercings. They come with surgical steel or G23 ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) which are both hypoallergenic. These body and ear piercing kits are available with different body jewellery, such as nipple barbells, belly bananas, eyebrow bananas, labrets, and circular barbells and come in a variety of lengths and gauges.


316 surgical steel and titanium G23