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Ear Plugs and Tunnels

Table of Contents

Wholesale plugs and Tunnels

From 1.2mm to 52mm

Wholesale Plugs and Tunnels From Premium Materials

We sell a large variety of piercing supplies for stretched earlobes such as plugs, flesh tunnels, ear stretchers, and tapers. The materials used for this kind of jewellery include organic materials as wood, bone, horn, amber, bamboo, silicone, and glass. Our plugs and ear tunnels online store features sought after products like wholesale stone plugs, wood plugs and silicone plugs. When you buy ear tunnels online or ear plugs, it is important to be aware of the differences in materials. The ones used for wooden ear plugs for instance breathe better than metals or plastics. Jewellery for stretched ears, however, is often made of acrylic or metal. The materials used for organic ear tunnels and plugs such as wood plugs have microscopic holes that can trap bacteria so these should be replaced once in a while. Wooden ear plugs and tunnels cannot be autoclaved, and are therefore unfit for a fresh piercing.

tunnels in surgical steel

Surgical Steel Wholesale Plugs and Tunnels

Surgical steel plugs and tunnels sold wholesale are biocompatible and are typically supplied in solid, shiny versions as well as PVD plated steel ear flesh tunnels for colour variations. The advantages of our wholesale surgical steel ear tunnels and plugs are that they have a smooth surface that reduces static fraction and prevents skin irritation. Surgical steel wholesale plugs and tunnels are supplied in double flared, single-flared, and cylindrical versions with O-rings. They also come as screw-fit variants which are a type of internally threaded body jewellery.

Titanium tunnels

G23 Titanium Tunnels

ASTM F-136 titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) is a strong biocompatible material that is slightly more expensive than surgical steel but lighter in weight. Titanium flesh tunnels are made as screw-fit or double flared tunnels.

Stone Plugs

Ear Tunnels and Plugs Made of Stone

Although our wholesale stone plugs and ear flesh tunnels are heavier than piercings made of other materials, certain wearers like this heavy feel. Stone ear plugs are more common than ear tunnels and are made from amethyst, green fluorite, snowflake obsidian, white howlite, turquoise, green glitter sandstone, lapis lazuli, red agate, black onyx, tiger eye, moonstone, hematite, rose quartz, green jade, semi-precious jade, real jade, crystal quartz, rhodonite, ivory stone, and moon rose quartz.  The wholesale stone plugs and tunnels collection consists of double flared stone ear plugs, tunnels, and tapers.

Acrylic plugs

Premium Acrylic Ear Tunnels and Plugs

Our wholesale plugs and tunnels made from biocompatible acrylic are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Acrylic ear tunnels and plugs are produced in opaque and see-through colours as well as multi-coloured, marble, and glow-in-the-dark versions. They are also sold in glitter variants where they glitter by day and glow at night. Acrylic wholesale ear plugs are much cheaper than surgical steel and stone and are produced in various shapes. This allows for our acrylic wholesale plugs and tunnels to be supplied as double flared or screw-fit versions.

Wood plugs UK

Wood Plugs and Tunnels

The most common of all organic materials is wood. Not only is this material lightweight, but the grain of different types of wood used in wooden ear plugs and wooden ear tunnels also offers unique colours and designs. The selection of wood plugs and tunnels we supply include high quality sawo, teak, coconut, batik, palm, ebony, sono, areng, crocodile, and jackfruit wood. Our organic wholesale plugs and tunnels are typically double flared versions of wood plugs and tunnels. However we also supply wooden ear tunnels wholesale with single-flares and wooden ear tunnels with O-ring types.

Bone plugs

Horn and Bone Plugs and Tunnels

Horns and bones are harvested from deceased animals and are made into black horn plugs and white bone tunnels. This kind of ear-stretching jewellery is only made as double flared versions.

Silicone ear tunnels and plugs

Silicone Ear Tunnels and Plugs

Silicones are synthetic plastic polymers containing carbon and have the same texture as rubber. They are easily moulded into different shapes such as triangular shapes in different sizes. They are biocompatible and water-resistant, making them the ideal material for active wearers who enjoy swimming. Our wholesale ear plugs and tunnels are comfortable to wear due to their light weight and a material that is softer than any other materials used for tunnels and plugs. Silicone ear tunnels and plugs are available in flesh colour, as well as bright and multi-coloured versions. All our silicone plugs and silicone ear tunnels wholesale products are double flared and flesh tunnels made of this material are produced not only in the regular round shape but also come in square shapes.

Huge flesh tunnels

Earlobe stretching is a form of body modification that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It offers a wide range of opportunities for bold jewellery choices. It is no surprise why there are more and more requests for wholesale plugs and ear tunnels UK wide. The earlobe is the most commonly stretched part of the body for plugs piercings and the process of stretching for ear tunnels and plugs is a slow, and sometimes painful procedure. Since it is non-reversible it is classified as a permanent body modification. Ear plugs jewellery and flesh tunnels such as wood plugs and ear stretching tunnels can be tricky to work with and so everything a professional piercer needs to know about wholesale plugs and flesh tunnels is outlined here.

Ear Stretching Guide With Gauges

If a customer has never had an earlobe piercing, there are two choices. One is fake plugs and tunnels, which do not require an actual piercing. However, if the customer is more interested in having a real stretched ear with a piece of ear plugs jewellery, the following information should be communicated. The most common type of piercing for wholesale ear plugs and tunnels is a 14g (1.6mm) piercing size. If the wearer has had pierced ears for some time their earlobe piercing would have been stretched slightly, particularly if they have worn dangles or heavy jewellery. This also means that the first jump in stretching does not take as long to heal. For those who have had their ears pierced using a needle, the thinnest studs to use are 20g (0.8mm) in size. The piercing can then be expanded using ear stretching jewellery like ear lobe plugs or ear tunnels with a 18g (1mm) gauge. As a professional piercer, you will be able to tell your customer how to gauge ears for the wholesale plugs and tunnels you bought to the right size and the right starting point.

Ear Tunnels wholesale in different sizes

Before moving on to the next stretch with ear plugs, waiting at least a month between stretches for plugs piercings is ideal but 6-8 weeks is strongly recommended. The main rule here for our wholesale ear plugs and flesh tunnels is the longer you wait between the stretches, the healthier the lobes will remain and the more viable they will be for the bigger gauges of ear piercing plugs. It will also avoid the build-up of scar tissue. As the ear plugs jewellery gets bigger, the recommended time between stretching is also increased. For example, between 16g to 14g and 14g to 12g, a waiting period of 1-2 months is ideal to change the ear plugs jewellery. From 12g to 10g and 10g to 8g, 2-3 months is recommended. After that, from 8g to 6g, 6g to 4g, and 4g to 2g, the period between stretching should be 3-4 months. From then onwards, a period of 4-6 months for each successive gauge increase should be observed. The wearer always needs to listen to their body and if struggling to fit any ear stretching jewellery like ear lobe plugs or ear tunnels through the piercing, they should wait for further healing.

The biggest mistake people make when stretching their ears with piercing plugs is being impatient and trying to increase sizes too quickly. Stretching ears properly is a long and slow process. The general rule for our wholesale ear plugs and flesh tunnels is to always go up one gauge at a time and allow the ears to fully heal before starting a new stretch. Also, it is recommended to wearers of our wholesale plugs and tunnels to avoid materials that could be prone to harbouring bacteria or causing irritation, which can slow down the healing. This helps avoid damage and scar tissue forming.

Ear stretching should not hurt a lot but tends to tingle or sting a little. If the earlobe feels tight or painful after inserting our wholesale ear plugs or flesh tunnel, then the size is too big and something smaller should be used. Only very mild discomfort and pain are normal. Extreme pain is a clear signal that the body piercing stretching is happening too fast. If that is the case, reduce the size and give it an extra couple of weeks of healing time. In the meantime, the wearer should be advised to apply oil such as Jojoba or Tea Tree to the earlobes at least two times a day to help speed things.

Before moving on to the next stretch with ear plugs, waiting at least a month between stretches for plugs piercings is ideal but 6-8 weeks is strongly recommended.

The Different Kinds of Ear Tunnels and Plugs

different kinds of ear tunnels and plugs

The most commonly used ear stretching jewellery are plugs, flesh tunnels, tapers, and expanders. We supply a wide variety of high-quality plugs and ear tunnels UK wide. When you buy ear tunnels online or ear plugs, they come in a range of different organic and non-organic materials, bright colours, unique sizes, and unusual designs. Plugs, which are sometimes referred to as ear gauges, are solid and usually cylindrical and may be flared out or saddled shaped at one or both ends or kept in place by O-rings fastened around the ends. There is also a screw-fit version of ear piercing plugs made of metal. Ear flesh tunnels are shaped in the same way as plugs but are hollow in the middle and can be seen through.

How to Insert Ear Stretching Plugs and Tunnels into a Piercing?

Stretching plugs and tunnels

The best time for a wearer to insert ear tunnels and plugs is right after a hot shower. The warm water helps loosen the skin a bit and relaxes it, which makes it easier and more comfortable. Our single flared and cylindrical wholesale plugs and tunnels for plugs piercings can be inserted by using a taper that is the same size as the current size, using some water-based or natural lubricants. First, put the lubricant on the taper, covering the narrower side until roughly the middle of the taper. It is then inserted into the piercing, rotating a few times to cover all sides with lubricant. The taper should go through the plugs piercing all the way through. Once the end of the taper is reached, put the ear tunnels and plugs onto the broader side of the taper, align well, and then continue pushing through so the plug or tunnel goes through.

For double flared ear gauges, a different method is utilized, but it is important to know that our double-flared wholesale plugs and tunnels can only be worn on fully healed ears. 

To insert double flared plugs or flesh tunnels use the “button up” method, where you will be inserting them the same way you would thread a button – at an angle, to get the edge in first.

Then align the jewellery when it is all the way through. The ear must be stretched at least the size of the flare, if not larger. Trying to force plugs and tunnel in could tear the earlobes, resulting in scarring, blowouts, and improper healing.

Premium Ear Tunnels and Plugs for Stretched Earlobes

A vast selection of high-grade ear tunnels and ear plug jewellery like wood plugs, silicone plugs and stone plugs are supplied through our website. Whether you are looking to buy ear tunnels online or are more interested in ear stretching plugs, our online body jewellery catalogue features a vast collection of wholesale plugs and tunnels. The choice of materials used is extensive and ranges from titanium, surgical steel, acrylic and silicone to organic material like stone, wood, bone and horn. Our ear tunnels and plugs are produced in various sizes and variations like single flare, double flare, with O-rings and screw-fit. Some of the most sold designs include crystals such as Ferido-glued crystals and crystal studded ear plugs and tunnels as well as themed logos. Professional piercers can buy our premium ear stretching jewellery as individual pieces, in bulk, as well as on displays.

stone ear plugs

Organic Stone Ear Plugs

Stone ear plugs are more common than flesh tunnels and are preferred for wearers looking for heavier feel ear plug jewellery in their stretched ears. These high-grade ear piercing plugs are produced in double flare and start from 4mm in size up to 20mm, although smaller and larger ear piercing plugs are also supplied. Our wholesale stone plugs are made of various different premium materials and all wholesale ear plugs are sold in many different colour choices.



Ear Stretching Tunnels with crystals

Ear Stretching Tunnels With Ferido-Glued Crystals

Flesh tunnels are made of premium surgical steel there are solid, anodised, and PVD plated versions available, with or without crystals. The multi crystals are Ferido-glued and covered with a resin layer to guarantee a long-lasting sparkle to the ear flesh tunnels, which are supplied in double flared or screw fit versions. These flesh tunnels are available in XL sizes of up to 52mm.


316L surgical steel, anodized steel, and PVD plated steel

Plugs and Tunnels on Displays

Wholesale Plugs and Tunnels on Displays

Having ear stretching plugs and tunnels wholesale on display keeps the piercing studio organized and showcases jewellery such as wooden ear plugs and wooden ear tunnels to generate interest in potential customers. Displays of tunnels and ear plug jewellery can either be acrylic boards that stand on counters as well as countertop display trays and boxes.


316L surgical steel, anodized steel, PVD plated steel, acrylic, stone, wood, and silicone.