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Gold Nose Studs

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wholesale gold nose studs

Available in 9, 10, and 14KT


Frequently Asked Questions About

14KT Gold Nose Studs

Where to buy gold nose studs?

The largest collection of premium gold nose studs at affordable prices is sold through Wholesale Body Jewellery. The nose jewellery line includes L-shaped nose studs, nose screws, Bend-It-Yourself nose pins, and nose bones from 9KT, 10KT, 14K, and 18KT gold. Besides yellow gold, there are also rose gold and white gold versions available. They are sold individually, in bulk, and on displays.

Is gold stud okay for nose jewellery?

The recommended materials for nostril piercings are 14KT or higher gold, G23 titanium, or 316L surgical steel as these are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the piercing area during healing. 14KT gold contains 58.3% pure gold and the rest are alloys of copper, zinc, silver, and nickel.

What type of nose stud is better?

For new piercings, an L-shaped nose stud or Bend-It-Yourself nose pin is recommended as they are easy to insert. For healed piercings, a nose bone can be used as the bulbous end will not irritate healed nose piercings.

14 Karat Gold Nose Studs & Jewellery for Professional Piercers

14K Gold Nose
14KT Nose Rings
Nose Screw in Gold
14K Gold Nose Screw
Seamless Rings
Wholesale Seamless Rings
Nose Pins bones
Wholesale Nose Pins

The Differences Between 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K

Gold differences

Pure 24 Karat is rarely used in jewellery because of its softness. To help strengthen the material, its pure form is alloyed with other metals producing a variety of different Karats such as the popular 18K, 14K, 10K and 9K. The Karat system is used to determine the amount of gold present in the alloyed material. 18 Karat means that it has a ratio of 18/24 gold, which translates to 75% purity. 14 Karat contains 14/24 of the pure material, which is 58.5%, whereas, 9 Karat has a ratio of 9/24 which is 37.5%. 14 Karat is typically mixed with zinc, copper, and nickel to improve its durability and colour. 10 Karat contains at least 41.7% of the pure material and the remainder being other alloys similar to the other ones mentioned above.

There are also other Karat versions namely 22K, 18K, 10KT, and even 9K. Although 22 Karat and 18 Karat are purer versions, it is usually reserved for high-end body jewellery pieces. It is less likely to tarnish in comparison to 9 Karat and 14 Karat. Silver piercing jewellery such as sterling silver nose studs is often coated with 18 Karat to make it stronger. 14 Karat is perfectly suitable for nose piercings such as gold nose studs and other body jewellery because it is less likely to tarnish than 9 Karat. It can also be used for piercings on body parts that tend to move a lot or have thicker skin. When looked from afar, 14 Karat gold nose piercing jewellery seems similar in colour to 18 Karat, but 14 Karat is slightly less yellow. However, the factors of low cost, high durability, and similar aesthetics of 14 Karat make it a popular choice for wholesale nose studs and other body jewellery. 9 and 10 Karat body jewellery items which are popular choices for customers on a budget as they are both more durable and cheaper. This alloy contains the least amount of pure gold, but what it lacks in purity it makes up for in toughness and affordability.

The Use of Yellow, White, and Rose Gold

Gold uses

In the body jewellery industry, 14 Karat is often used to create jewellery such as 14K gold nose piercing, that is to adorn facial features. Aside from the usual yellow, white and rose gold are also popular variations that are widely used in body jewellery. To achieve the colour of the white gold nose studs, available in the UK, the ratio of nickel is increased compared to copper and zinc to create the colour white. The rose colour is achieved by increasing the ratio of the copper as compared to nickel and zinc. Just like yellow, the white and rose variations are popular choices for body jewellery.

Best-Selling Wholesale Nose Studs in 14K Gold

Studs are used in nostril piercings. The three standard 14K gold nose piercings are the straight post nose stud, the pre-bent L-shape stud, and the bone. A gold nose piercing stud has a small gauge as they do not migrate and get rejected. The common thickness of the stud post is generally 20g (0.8mm).

Having a vast assortment of wholesale gold nose studs in the UK, such as white gold nose studs with crystals that are also available in the UK, and genuine diamond gold nose piercing, is important for every professional piercing studio. In the catalogue with wholesale gold nose studs for the UK, we offer a vast array of 14 karat gold nose studs. All items are available in yellow, rose and white gold nose studs variations. Our selection of 14kt gold nose studs includes Bend-It-Yourself gold piercing studs, L-shaped gold nose piercing studs, and bones. These are all available per piece, in bulk, and on body jewellery displays. Our wholesale nose studs include well-crafted designs with genuine stones such as diamond, blue sapphire, emerald, garnet, pink tourmaline, ruby, and aquamarine. Other variations we offer come with AB, rose, fuschia or light siam crystals. The genuine stones and crystals used for our studs are prong-set and come mostly in round shapes but also in triangular, star, and heart shapes. The metal parts are designed in multiple shapes such as piercing balls, stars, hearts and butterflies. All our wholesale nose studs have been made with highest grade materials and each item is meticulously checked with special piercing tools, ensuring that there are no defects when they are shipped. Furthermore, all items are shipped within 24 hours after order completion to guarantee that the gold nose studs and other items are at your doorstep within 3 to 5 business days. More importantly, there is always a wide choice of exquisite products available in the wholesale nose studs UK catalogue. This means that professional piercers will never need to worry that they run out of popular types of nose jewellery such as 14 karat gold nose studs.

Gold nose studs

14K Bend-It-Yourself Nose Studs with Stones

Bend It Yourself 14K gold nose studs and bones have to be bent by the wearer. The post will be bent sideways at a 90° angle to hold the studs in place. This assures that the nose piercing will not fall out and will feel comfortable for the wearer. Another secure option are bones which have a knob on the end to keep them from falling out. These 14KT gold nose bones are recommended for healed piercings because of the insertion of the bulbous end. Bend It Yourself yellow gold nose studs don’t have this bulbous end and are therefore easier to use and insert.


14K yellow, white, and rose gold

Gold nose piercings

14K Nose Screws

Where to buy gold nose studs that are already pre-bent for convenience? We supply L-shaped nose screws that have a half-turn, resembling a screw to keep the gold nose studs securely in the piercing. These 14k nose studs are sometimes called nose screws, bended studs, or L-shape gold nose studs. The ends are solid shapes such as balls, stars, and circles. Heart and butterfly shapes are also available.


14K yellow, white, and rose gold

Gold nose ring piercings

14K Nose Rings

To adorn the nostril with a slightly different look, nose rings or hoops with balls can be used. Hoops with balls can be comfortably inserted. Due to its simple look, this is a sought after type of nose jewellery that constantly sells well.


14K yellow and rose gold

One of the Most Desirable Materials for Body Jewellery

Wholesale gold nose studs in the UK are made of various types of gold and available as rose, yellow 14k and white gold nose studs. Each type contains a different selection and amount of alloys and offers customers a different style. The precious metal has not only been an important material for coinage but also for all kinds of body jewellery. Most types of metal are grey or silvery white, whereas this metal has a slightly reddish yellow hue that glistens in light. The material is used for adornment, especially for gold nose piercing jewellery. It’s highly malleable, ductile, and corrosion-resistant. The high corrosion resistance allows it to have a long sustainable store value and its distinctive appearance adds high appeal to body jewellery. Pure 24 Karat is not generally used for body jewellery, as it is too soft and pliable and therefore, it can easily get scratched or dented during everyday use. In the piercing industry, the material is typically mixed with other alloys to improve its strength and durability. It can be also coated on other metals to make it more accessible to wearers by reducing the cost.

The high corrosion resistance allows it to have a long sustainable store value.

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