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Bulk Body Jewellery

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wholesale piercings in bulk

Sold in 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 14mm

Bulk Body Jewellery

What is the Best Place to Buy Bulk Body Jewellery Online?

Our bulk body jewellery online store is where professional piercers can buy piercing supplies and wholesale body jewellery UK wide. Our line includes a vast range of reasonably priced pre-sterilised body jewellery items in individual packaging. Our professional sales agents are multilingual and speak German, Spanish, French, English, and a range of other languages. They are available to answer any questions you may have if you are looking to buy body jewellery online including topics, such as ordering, payment, and shipping. With their help, buying piercing jewellery is made easy and a smooth import process is ensured. Our sales agents are also knowledgeable of what the best-selling bulk body piercing jewellery items are in the UK. All orders are sent out within 24 hours, guaranteeing that they reach piercing businesses like professional piercing studios within 3 to 5 working days. Our sales team can assist you with any inquiries regarding the shipment of bulk body jewellery UK wide.

cheap body jewellery in bulk

Import Plugs in Bulk

Acrylic UV fake plugs are sold for a fair price and come in 10 colours. The surgical steel posts of these fake plugs are supplied in three sizes and are sold in assortment packs of 50 pieces. This kind of wholesale body jewellery comes with two fake rubber O-rings.



wholesale piercing rings in bulk

Buy Bulk Body Jewellery: Ball Captive Rings

Captive rings use a 2.5mm to 6mm indented ball to keep the 0g (8mm) to 20g (0.8mm) ring firmly in place. They are suitable for cartilage, rook, nostril, eyebrow, daith, lip, tragus, septum, conch, earlobe, nipple, and intim piercings. Ball captive rings (BCR) are supplied in assorted packs of 60 to 100 pieces, depending on the size. Ball Captive Rings are also sold per piece, in individual packages.


316L surgical steel

acrylic tunnels in bulk

Bulk Plugs and Tunnels

This kind of piercing jewellery is made of black acrylic and produced with logos, such as zebra stripes, tiger fur, and pride rainbow stripe designs. Plugs and ear tunnels come with screw fits for easy insertion and are sold in packs of 30 or 150 assorted pieces.



bulk body jewellery

Bulk Nose Studs Online

18g (1mm) and 20g (0.8mm) L-shaped nose screws are supplied in bezel-set round crystals with up to 19 different coloured crystals. They are sold in assortment packs of 60 pieces and are recommended for new and healed piercings.


316L surgical steel

Labrets in bulk

Surgical Steel Bulk Labrets

Labrets can be used for nostril piercings but are commonly used in lip piercings as they have a flat back plate that keeps the piercing jewellery secure without irritating the gums or teeth. The assorted packs of 14g (1.6mm) to 18g (1mm) labrets are supplied in varying lengths and have a solid 2mm to 4mm ball attachment or cone-shaped attachments. These are supplied in 100 pieces or 60 pieces packs depending on the size.


316L surgical steel

Bioflex labrets in bulk

Bulk Labrets with Silver Tops

BioFlex is a light hypoallergenic material and these labrets are much easier to use as the silver tops with bezel-set crystals are easily pushed in the post and stay secured. Although labrets are mainly used for lip piercings, they can also be used for earlobe and nostril piercings and these 16g (1.2mm) labrets have tops in various sizes from 1.5mm to 3mm. Sold with 18 different coloured crystals this kind of wholesale body jewellery is supplied in assorted packs of 100 pieces. When buying per piece, these labrets are supplied in up to 16 different colours. These labrets also come in clear type BioFlex in different sizes with different designs.


BioFlex and 925 sterling silver

In virtually all businesses, as well as the body piercing jewellery industry, buying in bulk has big advantages and is preferred by most professional piercing shops. Instead of replenishing the stock through purchasing small quantities, buying high-quality bulk body jewellery online not only guarantees a fast and hassle-free purchasing process but also ensures having a constant supply of body piercing jewellery on hand for sale. It will also allow professional piercers to purchase at considerable lower body jewellery wholesale prices. This will help to take the lead from competitors.

Why to Buy Body Jewellery Wholesale?

piercing balls in bulk

Buying in bulk allows for the option to buy packs of assorted wholesale body jewellery online that are of good value. Professional piercers who buy bulk body jewellery will not often find themselves out of supply. It also helps save the professional piercer’s time in choosing individual products as the order includes the assortment that will meet the needs, making shopping faster and effortless. Furthermore, the bulk body piercing jewellery packs include the best-selling colours, sizes and gauges, which is useful for professional piercers who do not want to choose individual items by themselves.

There is no compromise in quality when it comes to wholesale body jewellery and all our bulk body jewellery and body piercing supplies are reasonably priced and meet the highest hygiene requirements. Once an order is made, a strict two-step quality control process is carried out for each bulk body jewellery item. This ensures that our premium quality piercing jewellery and supplies are free of any defects. This goes for wholesale piercing jewellery such as barbells, labrets, and bananas for eyebrows piercings, belly piercings, ear piercings, nose piercings, and lip piercings.

Our online shop also provides the opportunity to combine various single items into one large wholesale body jewellery order. Thus, wholesale body jewellery online orders can be customised wholly to the need of each individual professional piercer, to allow a choice of bulk body piercing jewellery in different sizes, materials, types, and colours. Circular barbells, ball captive rings, seamless, segment rings, spirals, twisters, single-point piercing jewellery, nose bones, Bend-It-Yourself nose studs, nose screws, nose pins, nose rings, flesh tunnels, tapers, expanders, dermal anchors, and fake plugs are all for sale at fair bulk body piercing jewellery prices. Professional piercers can sell these wholesale body jewellery UK wide. Eventually, prices can be set based on what the competition charges or below that, to set your business apart from the competition. Offering bulk body jewellery at reasonable prices often helps to sell more items, as it encourages customers to buy different colours, materials, or designs.

Suitable Materials for Bulk Body Jewellery

wholesale body jewellery in titanium and gold

All our wholesale body jewellery is made of high-grade materials. It is recommended to buy bulk body jewellery made of hypoallergenic materials such as 316 surgical stainless steel, 14KT gold, and titanium G23. These materials are sold in plain or anodised versions, which are biocompatible. G23 titanium piercings, gold that is 14KT or higher, and 316 surgical stainless steel are safe for new piercings and do not erode . All wholesale nose jewellery, such as nose bones, Bend-It-Yourself nose studs, nose screws, nose studs, and nose rings are produced in 925 sterling silver, a precious metal. There are also various other wholesale body jewellery material options.

What is Better – To Buy Body Jewellery Online or in the UK?

Although there is a minimal amount that is charged by customs for importing piercing jewellery, buying body piercing jewellery online is generally more affordable than buying it at a physical store. Body jewellery online suppliers often have deals on bulk body jewellery, such as free shipping for purchases of over a given amount. Also, extra discounts and store credit can be applied to bulk body jewellery purchased online.

How to buy Wholesale Body Jewellery Online

how to buy bulk body jewellery in the UK

Are you looking to buy body jewellery online? Look no further. We have barbells, labrets, belly bars, tongue bars, circular barbells, ball closure rings, seamless rings, segment rings, spirals, twisters, ear stretching wholesale body jewellery, and piercing tools for professional piercers. We also supply piercing jewellery end attachments as wholesale body jewellery. These items have balls and cones with internal threading and are sold in assorted packs or per piece. They are suitable for any professional piercer who is looking to buy bulk body jewellery or wholesale piercing jewellery supplies. In this way professional piercing studios are able to offer customers the option of changing their jewellery end pieces in case they lose any piercing parts.