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High-Quality Fake Plugs and Fake Tunnels

Table of Contents

Fake plug earrings

A Large Variety of Acrylic Colours and Patterns

Premium Fake Plug Earrings and Fake Tunnels at Fair Prices

Where can I buy fake plugs online? Our website’s wholesale body jewellery catalogue features a large range of stunning fake plug earrings and flesh tunnels in various sizes, colours, materials and post gauges for any professional piercer to stock up on. Our non-organic and organic fake plugs and flesh tunnels are only made of high-grade materials. All non-piercing items, such as wooden fake plugs, faux tongue piercings, fake nose jewellery such as non-piercing nose clips, helix clips, and non-pierce earrings are sold as individual pieces, in bulk or on displays. This also goes for our extensive selection of fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings. As you can see you have come to the right place where to buy fake plugs online.

Fake plugs with icons

Fake Plug Earrings With Logos and Patterns

Fake plug earrings with logos like on these laser-etched black fake plugs give the impression of real stretched ear piercings. These fake plug earrings come in a large number of different designs such as skulls, owls, stars, crosses, flames, smileys, marijuana leaves, and more. 16g (1.2mm) post versions are mostly 8mm in size but various designs are also sold in 6mm to 10mm.


Surgical steel, anodised steel, wood, and acrylic

Fake Multi crystals Tunnels

Fake Tunnels With Ferido-Glued Multi Crystals

These fake tunnels feature high-quality Ferido-Glued multi crystals with resin cover on one side on a 16g (1.2mm) post. Fake ear tunnels are supplied in four sizes, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. These fake flesh tunnels are made without resin cover and come as flat back fake tunnel earrings. Apart from the flat back version, magnetic fake tunnels are also supplied as a plain steel back version.


Surgical steel, anodised steel, wood, and PVD plated steel

Magnetic fake plugs

Magnetic Fake Plugs for Non-Pierced Ears

For wearers with non-pierced earlobes, a wide variety of strong fake magnetic plug earrings in different designs, including crystals and logos, are supplied. They come in assorted colours and in glow-in-the dark designs. Also produced are high-polished magnetic steel, black and white as well as laser-edged versions.


surgical steel, anodised steel, PVD plated steel, acrylic and wood

The most commonly stretched part of the body is in the ear. In the context of body piercing, stretching is the deliberate expansion of a healed piercing for the purpose of wearing a certain type of jewellery. The process of stretching is a slow and sometimes painful procedure. It is approached as a permanent body modification. Once the stretching reaches 8mm or 0g, the hole will rarely close fully anymore but it can be repaired through an earlobe surgery. To avoid this, some body piercing enthusiasts prefer to use fake plug earrings such as fake flesh tunnels.

Materials for Fake Plugs and Ear Tunnels

The posts and plates of fake plug earrings or fake flesh tunnels are made of surgical steel while the outer plates can be made of a variety of different materials. These plates used for fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings can be flat or even fluorescent. Some fake plug earrings and fake ear tunnels contain O-rings to give the illusion an extra level of realness.

Fake plugs by steel

Surgical Steel

Fake plugs and faux flesh tunnels manufactured of surgical steel can be in solid high-polished or mirror-polished metallic lustre or PVD plated as well as anodised to produce vibrant colours. The smooth surface of surgical steel is achieved through melting in a vacuum. The resulting flawless finish has a less irritating feel and reduced potential of static friction and skin irritation. Surgical steel is heavier than acrylic and wooden fake plugs.

Fake acrylic plugs


Acrylic fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings are made from a plastic known as PMMA acrylic, which is very lightweight, affordable, and comfortable to wear. Acrylic fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings can be made in any colour and can be either opaque or see-through, as well as faux pearl, marble, and glow in the dark fake acrylic plugs. Fake ear tunnels and fake acrylic plugs are a common choice since the material is inexpensive material and most fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings made of this material are more affordable than their metal equivalent.

Acrylic fake ear gauges or fake tunnels can be carved in different shapes and figures. These make an ideal attachment for surgical steel as they can be made into complex designs. Surgical steel attachments for fake plug earrings are heavier as more metal is required to produce the same designs but these surgical steel fake ear plugs and fake flesh tunnels posts with acrylic attachments provide customers a wide variety of unique design options.


Wood is one of the most sold organic materials used in body jewellery such as fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings and is harvested from different kinds of defunct trees. We select the best sawo, areng, teak, coconut, batik, palm, sono, ebony, crocodile, and jackfruit wood for our fake wooden plugs. There are wooden fake plugs that are made by combining two different types of woods such as ebony and teak wood as well as crocodile and black ebony wood. Each type of wood has a unique pattern that improves the look of the non-pierce fake ear tunnels and fake plug earrings.

wooden plug

Sawo wood comes from the Sapodilla tree that grows in warm and moist regions such as the Caribbean, Central America, and Southern Mexico. Sawo has a vibrant brown shade, mixed with a red hue and dark brown streaks to pale yellow with incidences of gum pockets. It is dense enough to be hand-carved, making it a good material for body jewellery.

black wood plug

Areng wood or arang kayu stems from Indonesia and is commonly called charcoal wood. Charcoal wood is typically a black wood with a variation of black and reddish brown hues. This wood has a very smooth finish which is why it has been used in carvings since ancient times.

Crocodile wood plug

Crocodile wood comes from the tree species terminalia elliptica, which can be found in Southeast Asia as well as other subtropical areas around the world. The wood was coined “crocodile” due to the bark’s unique resemblance to crocodile skin. Its remarkable cream colour when polished is also the reason why it is known as the “ivory of woods”.

jackfruit wood plug

Jackfruit wood comes from the jack tree which has its origin in the rainforests of Southern India and Malaysia. This wood is extremely durable and hard with interlocking grain that is resistant to cracking. The colour of jackfruit wood darkens with time.

Fake Plugs and Fake Tunnels With Bars or Magnets

Fake plug earrings and fake ear tunnels are simply earring studs with a special shaped top that gives the impression of a stretched ear piercing. Fake ear gauges and fake flesh tunnels, such as fake wooden plugs and black fake plugs are a recent piercing trend. They are made primarily for people who prefer the appeal of ear plugs jewellery and flesh tunnels without having to go through the stretching process. These fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings usually consist of a surgical steel bar acting as a retainer between two plates. These plates used for fake plug earrings and fake flesh tunnels can vary by colour, shape, or material and have a 16g (1.2mm) post that is inserted in a regular earlobe piercing. Fake plug earrings and fake tunnels are generally made of surgical steel, anodised steel, acrylic, and wood with fake plug earrings varying in sizes from 3mm to 12mm.

Fake plug earrings and fake tunnels are generally made of surgical steel, anodised steel, acrylic, and wood with fake plug earrings varying in sizes from 3mm to 12mm.

fake plugs with magnets and bars

Fake plug earrings and non-piercing ear tunnels are easy to handle and a great alternative for people who do not want to stretch their earlobes yet still enjoy the overall look. Fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings are also a perfect alternative solution for people who cannot wear stretched ear piercings for work or business. The only requirement to be able to wear fake plug earrings or fake ear tunnels is to have a pierced earlobe. The fake plug earrings or fake flesh tunnels bar fits in a regular pierced ear fistula. Screw threads on the fake ear plugs and fake tunnel earrings help connect the bar with the plates, making it especially easy for anyone to wear fake plug earrings or fake tunnels in a pierced earlobe. The only thing to remember is the fact that the chosen plates of the fake plug earrings should not top the size of the earlobe revealing the illusion. The easy change to individually designed plates for fake plug earrings is a big benefit. Our online body jewellery catalogue also includes fake magnetic plug earrings and fake ear tunnels that do not have a bar or post but are kept in place by magnets. This means that fake magnetic plug earrings can be used even for non-pierced earlobes.

Where Can I Buy Fake Ear Plugs?

After having taken a look at what are fake plug earrings and ear tunnel jewellery, the obvious question is: where can I buy fake plug earrings? Our online piercing jewellery store features a wide selection of all kinds of fake body jewellery and is the perfect place to buy fake plugs. Premium fake ear lobe plugs are supplied in different high grade materials and include fake wooden plugs and gold fake plugs. All are sold in various sizes including 10mm, 14 gauge, 18g and 20g fake plugs. Our fake plugs online shop supplies these and many more premium quality body piercing jewellery items that can be shipped anywhere in the world and arrive at your piercing studio within 3 to 5 business days. When you buy fake plugs online, you have the option to buy these fake gauge plug earrings in individual packages, on bulk or on body jewellery displays at fair prices.