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Piercings FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

It’s not easy to choose the best supplier of wholesale body jewellery and body piercing supplies because there are many to choose from. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We are confident that we are the best choice for piercing professionals due to our vast experience, the quality of our products and our committed team of industry experts. Below is a compiled list of our Piercings FAQ – frequently asked questions about body piercing jewellery that explain our business ethics and how we operate. If there are any questions in our Piercings FAQ that do not cover what is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with assistance.

Piercings FAQ – Ordering and Delivery

  1. How long after I place the order will the orders be shipped?
All orders are checked for quality and packed for shipment within 24 hours. Only very large orders may take a little longer and will be shipped within 48 hours.
  1. Can you fulfil my order at any time?
Yes. All items featured on our website are in stock and everything is available to place your order anytime. However, for some very large orders, it may not be possible to have all the items in the required quantities. If we are unable to provide the selected items, notification will be made ahead of time, but this rarely happens.
  1. Are any of your items out of stock?
No. Our stock levels are well maintained all year long so that everything from the catalogue is available anytime. We know how disappointing it is when ordering an old item and realising that the item is out of stock, so one of our commitments is to keep our items in the catalogue for many years, to ensure that what is needed is available on our website with very few options being only temporarily out of stock.
  1. Is the delivery of my order guaranteed?
Yes. We keep a very good relationship with reliable courier services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS or EMS to minimise issues with deliveries. Our partners have an outstanding track record of delivery on time and loss prevention. To reassure our customers, if there is a rare case of loss, we will immediately reship the order, completely free of charge.
  1. Can I reorder items that sell well?
All our items are kept in stock for at least three years, which means that bestsellers are always replenished over and over again. This valuable service is something that makes us stand out from other body jewellery wholesalers. 
  1. How much does it cost to ship the products?
As an international wholesaler of body jewellery and supplies, we have several international shipments leaving our premises every day. We have been able to negotiate special rates with our partnering courier companies to guarantee very low shipping costs and fast shipments. Our sales team will help you choose the most appropriate carrier for your destination so that orders are received within 3 to 5 working days upon payment.
  1. Can you help with shipping documentation?
Absolutely. With years of experience in international shipping, our sales agents will assist with the legal process. They will also advise you on how to optimise the amount of customs and excise fees and taxes. FTA, GSP, JTEPPA, and other relevant documentation are also provided.
  1. How are your orders packed for delivery?
All orders are packed with care and separated by colour and size for your convenience. The items are securely wrapped in protective bubble wrap to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.
  1. Is my payment online safe?
We constantly update our website with the best security software available. However, the safest form of online payment is through PayPal’s own website, so we recommend this type of payment, which is easy to do with the invoice that your sales representative will provide. Sensitive credit card and payment data is highly protected by SSL.

Piercings FAQ – About Us

  1. Who will I deal with when I make an order?
A dedicated professional sales agent will look after you throughout the whole purchasing process. Dealing with one person ensures the smoothness of the process. Your personal sales agent can help you from selecting items or giving advice, to making an order, invoice and payment and informing about the shipment details. The sales agent is familiar with different countries, current trends, what sells best in different locations and with all the necessary shipping requirements.
  1. What are your company’s work ethics?
Employees are paid a fair salary and the human resource department makes sure that all employees are treated well, making it a great company to work for. Also, employees receive training on personal and corporate safety and hygienic procedures. 
  1. How to know that I can trust your company?
Our wholesale body jewellery company has been in operation for over 20 years. The company is managed professionally by European managers following international standards and we have been growing stronger over the years. Also, you will have at your disposal your personal sales representative to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  1. How can I communicate if I do not speak English?
Our professional sales representatives are able to communicate in several languages apart from English such as Spanish, German, and French. They also understand cultural differences, making any interaction with them smooth and pleasant. 
  1. Do the sales representatives have a decent understanding of the industry?
All our sales agents are intensively trained for 4 months before they have any direct contact with clients. This training is on-going so that the sales team is very knowledgeable and able to assist you with any query related to ordering products. They can also assist you with piecing techniques and questions, jewellery size and gauges, recommendations for the various piercings, and trends in your country.
  1. How focussed are you on customer service?
Everything we do in our company revolves around customer satisfaction and service. Unlike other wholesale jewellery companies, we never try to increase the order amount of our customers. When asked for advice, any suggestions we make are based on deep knowledge of the industry and well-selling items per country.
  1. How do you keep up with new and changing trends?
We listen to our customers and constantly develop new and trendy body jewellery to suit their needs.
  1. What happens with the data that I provide to your company?
While surfing our website, we require certain data to improve your browsing experience. We undertake safeguarding protocols for the protection of this data. For payments, all data is handled and protected by SSL. Certain personal data is stored to help promote new products and to improve the service. This data is never sold or leased to third parties except for the purposes of shipping, internal marketing and accounting. 
  1. Am I able to contact you at any time?
Yes. Our professional sales team is available seven days a week. The only days we close the company are with New Year and Thai New Year, which is in April. The rest of the year, any enquiry, request or order will be replied to and processed within 24 hours.
  1. Is your company a green company?
We strive to reduce the effects that our business has on the environment in multiple ways. We do this by, among other things, reducing the use of electricity and the amount of waste products.
  1. How reputable is your company?
With over 2000 satisfied wholesale customers who have had long experience working with us, we are confident in our strong reputation in the field of wholesale body jewellery. Our customers are always our main priority and are the centre of our business.

Piercings FAQ – Our Body Jewellery and Piercing Supplies

  1. How do you guarantee my satisfaction with my order?
Unlike other body jewellery wholesalers, you will be satisfied with our body jewellery and body jewellery supplies because we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This means that if for any reason you are not happy with the product, it can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. 
  1. What can I expect from the quality of the materials used for body piercing jewellery and supplies?
All our products are made from high quality materials that are certified. Body jewellery comes in hypoallergenic materials such as 316L surgical steel, titanium G23, gold, 925 silver, BioFlex and PTFE as well as silicon, acrylic, wood, stone, horn and bone.
  1. What kind of quality control do you do?
A strict 2-step quality control system is employed to guarantee that every item is checked meticulously to meet the highest standards of quality prior to shipment. This means that the ordered items will be free of any defects and be well packed to ensure that items are received in perfect condition.
  1. Do you offer body jewellery displays and boxes?
Yes. Some of our items are available in assortments of colours, sizes and gauges on displays or clear-top boxes to showcase the items and to keep piercing studios organised. Empty displays and boxes are also available if needed. Customised displays, as well as personalised front stickers, can also be delivered.
  1. How fair is your pricing?
We keep improving our operations to stay competitive and offer the best value to our customers, so they also stay competitive in their respective markets. All customers receive the same fair pricing conditions that will only vary according to the order amount. It is irrelevant if a customer has been buying from us for years or is a new customer. 
  1. Can I find the product I need on your website?
Definitely. With over 10,000 products featured on our website, a professional piercer will find everything that is needed, whether it is a specific size, colour or gauge. Furthermore, unlike other wholesale body piercing supplies, we carry a range of unusual sizes and gauges. Our onsite searching tool will help you find the type of body jewellery that you are looking for, easily and conveniently.
  1. What are the unusual sizes and colours you offer?
Apart from the regular body piercing gauge sizes, we carry many special sizes. Barbells are sold in sizes from 5mm up to 52mm, nose hoops come in the hard-to-find 7mm, 9mm, 11mm, and 12mm. Tongue barbells are also produced in 14mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm and nipple barbells are sold in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm,16mm, and 19mm. Our crystals are available in a wide colour range, composed of over 19 colours.

As each person has different anatomical sizes such as the thickness of tongues and sizes of nipples, noses and eyebrows, we do not only offer regular sizes but also sizes that are not generally offered by other wholesalers. An example would be the nose hoops, which are usually 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. However, we also supply nose hoops of unique 7mm, 9mm and 11mm sizes.
  1. Is what I see on the website what I will get?
We have taken steps to ensure that our product images show the items as how they are in reality. The only enhancements performed on images are done to correct technical light, reflection and contrast issues. 
  1. Do you help provide professional photos of ordered items?
Yes. If you may want to display our products on your own website, brochures, catalogues, or social media platforms, we can supply you with high-resolution images of all the items ordered in JPG or PSD files for personal use, completely free of charge.